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Creating and running a Restore job
Creating and running a Database Restore job
GlobalProtect VPN client
Utility Server
RelativityOne Staging Explorer
User access permissions to fileshares
Best practices, limitations, and data transfer performance considerations
Installing, launching, and updating RelativityOne Staging Explorer
Transfer workflows
File and folder operations (copy, move, and delete)
Requesting a Throughput Check
Updating Transfer Settings
Calculating folder size in Local/Staging panes
Relativity Desktop Client
Using the RDC installer
Importing through the RDC
Load file specifications overview
Importing document metadata, files, and extracted text
Importing an image file
Importing a production file
Importing data into a Relativity Dynamic Object
Import errors for Desktop Client
Exporting with the RDC
Exporting a production set
Exporting a saved search
Exporting a folder
Exporting a folder and its subfolders
Exporting OCR and Extracted Text
Configuring the RDC
Relativity Desktop Client performance baselines
RelativityOne Store
Solving review case challenges with Analytics
Implementing clustering with batching
Conceptual analytics
Analytics indexes
Analytics categorization sets
Cluster visualization
Concept searching
Find similar documents
Sampling for repeated content
Keyword expansion
Structured analytics
Running structured analytics
Analytics profiles
Email threading
Inclusive emails
Email threading results
Email thread visualization
Name normalization
Name normalization results
Best practices for name normalization
Running name normalization on email headers
Alias object
Communication Analysis
Textual near duplicate identification
Textual near duplicate identification results
Using Near Duplicate Analysis in Review
Language identification
Language identification results
Supported email header formats
Repeated content filters
Using regular expressions with structured analytics
Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis results
Sentiment analysis security permissions
Assisted Review
Active Learning
Creating an Active Learning project
Security permissions
Reviewer access
Choosing an Active Learning review queue
Running Prioritized Review
Running Coverage Review
Best practices for Active Learning review
Monitoring an Active Learning project
Project Validation and Elusion Testing
Project Validation statistics
Reusing trained models
Review statistics
Active Learning performance baselines
Review Center
Creating a Review Center queue
Monitoring a Review Center queue
Reviewing documents using Review Center
Review validation
Review validation statistics
Review Center security permissions
aiR for Review
Running aiR for Review
Monitoring aiR for Review jobs
aiR for Review results
aiR for Review security permissions
Custodian targets
Data sources
Google Workspace
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft SharePoint
Refinitiv Eikon
Collection details
Status Summary
Target Status
Contracts OCR
Classify contract types
Segment contracts into sections
Classify section types
Auto-populate fields by training custom ML models
Auto-populate fields with regular expressions
Run reports on regular expression results
Extract definitions from contracts
Auto-group families based on shared field values
Automate document assembly based on field values
Analysis statuses and results
Compare contracts or sections
Contracts Viewer
Create and edit regular expressions
Set up data points in the viewer
Manually group contract families
Set up object coding mode
Custom Connectors
Data Breach Response
Installation and configuration
Ingest documents
Personal Information detectors
Create a new detector
Edit and delete detectors
Out of the box detectors
Run reports
Document report
Review documents
PI and entity search
Project lead
User administration
Document ingestion
Incorporate feedback
Errors and flags
Quality control
Detector QC
Spreadsheet QC tool
Entity centric report
Unlinked PI log
Reviewer progress report
Entity normalization
Entity normalization audit
Integration Points
Installing Integration Points
Integration Points profiles
Importing data through Integration Points
Exporting data through Integration Points
Promoting data between workspaces through Integration Points
Viewing destination workspaces
Monitoring job history and errors
Microsoft Entra ID provider
Legal Hold
Installing Relativity Legal Hold
Securing a workspace
Importing legal hold data to Relativity
Workspace security
Integrating with Azure
Integrating Entra ID for Custodian Portal SSO
Integrating Entra ID for importing custodians
Integrating Microsoft Graph API for email communications
Adding legal hold settings
Adding email settings
Using Microsoft Graph API for sending email communications
Adding general settings
Adding custodian portal settings
Custodian Portal Authentication Provider
Creating legal hold entities
Importing entities via Import/Export
Importing entities via Integration Points
Importing entities via Relativity Desktop Client
Deleting a custodian
Item selectors
Creating a report
Scheduling a report
Question responses
Creating a communication
Creating a questionnaire
Question library
Attachments library
Custodian communications tab
Custodian projects tab
Custodian status dashboard
Custodian portal
Legal Hold project management
Preservation hold (Legacy)
Adding preservation hold settings using Modern Authentication (Legacy)
Setting up SharePoint Discovery for preservation holds (Legacy)
Preservation to collection best practices
Preserve in place (New)
Data sources
Google Workspace preservation source
Microsoft 365 preservation source
Preservation data
Manage preservations
Sending a communication
Sending a questionnaire
Responding to emails
Mobile Admin
Coding documents
Saved searches
Support & Settings
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Installation and configuration
Ingest documents
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Create a new detector
Edit and delete detectors
Out of the box detectors
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Redact documents
PI and entity search
Project lead
User administration
Document ingestion
Incorporate feedback
Errors and flags
Quality control
Detector QC
Spreadsheet QC tool
Reviewer progress report
Supported file types
Password bank
Mapping processing fields
Quick-create set(s)
Deduplication considerations
Processing sets
Inventory overview
Discovering files
Files tab
Publishing files
Post-publish delete
Error overview
Error resolution
Processing duplication workflow
Processing history
Processing to Data Grid
Frequently asked questions
Imaging documents
Imaging profiles
Application Field Codes
Image upload
Imaging sets
Running an imaging set
Monitoring imaging status
Imaging errors
Imaging Warnings
QC Review
Imaging jobs in the Processing and Imaging Queue
Imaging history
Imaging native types
Native Imaging - Dithering Algorithm Options
Supported file types for imaging
OCR queue
OCR on redacted production documents
Production overview
Production sets
Advanced Formatting for Branding
Production Data Source
Production console
Stage and run a production
Stage a production
View documents
Check for production conflicts
Run a production
Production errors
Branding queue
Production queue
Environment-level user login and workspace
Reporting and Monitoring using Audit
Assigning and checking batches in and out
Building views for checked-out documents
Batch Set Cleanup
Creating commonly-used dashboards
Entity object
Event Handler Express
Using Event Handler Express
Building your first event handler
Applying propagation to documents
Field Categories
Instance Details tab
Importing and exporting
Command line import overview
Simple File Upload
Keyboard Shortcuts
Creating keyboard shortcuts
Adding and editing an object list
Adding fields and text
Creating a new category
Copy from Previous
Using the rich text editor
Library scripts
Analytics billable estimate
Australian Document ID
Billing Statistics - RelativityOne - Case Rollup
Billing statistics - case rollup
Billing statistics - users
Case permission audit report
Check Converted Documents
Choice field stratified sampling
Copy To Legacy Document Fields
Create cluster upgrade jobs
Create sample set
dtSearch index auto incremental build
Forgotten password reset audit
Globally administer keyboard shortcuts
Lockbox Bypass report
Lockbox report
Monitor cluster upgrade jobs
Populate parent ID to child
Processing Statistics
Propagate sent date to family documents
Report sample-based statistics
Reviewer statistics
Saved search gap and overlap check
Set duplicate flag field
Set extracted text size field
Set native file size field v4
Set production beg/end attach fields
Set Relativity folder path field
Total Automated Workflows in Instance
Upgrade legacy applications
Markup sets
Mass operations
Mass operation jobs
Cancel Production Job
Mass edit
Mass copy
Mass move
Mass delete
Mass replace
Mass image
Mass export to file
Mass convert
Mass Save as List
Mass PDF
Invite users
Retry Production Job
Persistent highlight sets
Creating persistent highlight sets
Entering highlight terms
Using the highlight fields source
Importing search terms for persistent highlighting
Creating efficient searches for persistent highlighting
Pivot profiles
Running Pivot reports
Printing in Relativity
Queue Management
Automated image markup project
Automated image template markup project
Automated spreadsheet markup project
Automated PDF markup project
Automated production preparation project
Automated spreadsheet propagation project
Convert Spreadsheets Markup
Facade redactions
Manual markups with spreadsheet files
Manual markups with PDF files
Redact Audits
Redact External Markups
Redact Language Support
Redact Project Status
Redact Reports
Redact Settings
Redact System Logs and Client Usage Report
Redacting PDF annotations and attachments
Regular expression examples
Reviewing markups to ensure accuracy
Running and reverting a project
Searching for documents with Redact fields
Using Find and Redact
Relativity objects
Creating and editing Relativity Objects
Deleting object dependencies
Creating a question object
Building Media Tracker with Relativity Dynamic Objects
Creating a tab to bookmark an object
Relativity Short Message Format
Creating an RSMF file
Processing an RSMF file
RSMF-supported Emoji, Emoticons, and Attachments
RSMF Slicing
Short Message Advanced Access
Short Message Viewer coding Advanced Access
Sanitizer object
Script groups
Searching in Relativity
Search conditions
Multiple object searching
Search panel
Running a dtSearch
Running a Dictionary search
Using dtSearch syntax options
Searching for symbols
Making the dtSearch noise word and alphabet list searchable
dtSearch default alphabet file text
Keyword search
Searching workflows
Searching with the Entity object and name normalization
Regular expressions
Using regular expressions with dtSearch
Saved search
Creating or editing a saved search
Defining criteria for saved searches
Saving searches on the Documents tab
Common Saved Searches Applications
Saved search history
Search terms reports
Search terms report hit count
Security and Permissions
Instance security
Setting instance permissions
Workspace security
RelativityOne Lockbox
Setting workspace permissions
Object security
Client Domains
Preview security
Sanitizer object
RelativityOne Security Center
Security Alerts
Permissions scenarios
Tab Sync
Managing user authentication methods
Document Compare
Running conceptual analytics from the viewer
Sentiment analysis highlights
Short Message Viewer
Viewer-supported file types
Viewer troubleshooting and FAQ
Displaying family groups in a view
Workspaces Tab
Repository Workspaces in RelativityOne
Document and item list navigation
Recycle Bin
Supporting applications
Relativity applications
Exporting applications
Locking and unlocking applications
Installing applications
Troubleshooting application installation errors
Uninstalling and deleting applications
Upgrading applications
Automated Workflows
Case Dynamics
Installing and upgrading Case Dynamics
Working with Case Dynamics objects
Organizing facts and issues
Working with Outlines
Reviewing documents with Case Dynamics
Working with Timeline Builder
Printing from Case Dynamics
Creating Case Dynamics reports
Case Dynamics fields
Case Metrics
Cost Explorer
Customer-managed direct SQL access (CMDSA)
Data Grid Text Migration application
Text migration checklist
Document utilities
Document unitization
Move to folder path
Auto increment field on object
Populate Parent ID and Child ID
Date field parsing
Set native time zone offset with DST
Track document field edits by reviewer
Log Extractor
Propagate coding post-import
RelativityOne Activity Dashboard
RelativityOne repository workspace
Change redaction type
Copy redactions across markup sets
Copy redactions across workspaces
Normalize redactions across a relational group
Reproduce a redaction to a document universe
Relativity hybrid model
Workspace Portal
User Synchronization
Installing the User and Group Synchronization Applications
Configuring Your Environments
Working with User and Group Synchronization
Staging Reports
Staging Inventory Report
File validation agent
User Import Application
Transcripts application
Installing the Transcripts application
Uploading transcripts
Supported file types for the Transcripts application
Annotating transcripts
Transcript video clips
Copying text from a transcript
Word Index
Transcript reports
Printing transcripts
Transcripts tab
User workspace access and last login
Knowledge base
Investigations in RelativityOne
Early Case Assessment in RelativityOne
Disable inactive users
Reviewing documents in Relativity
Reviewing and producing documents in RelativityOne
Workflow solutions for very large workspaces
Recommendations for managing very large workspaces in RelativityOne
Scaling Active Learning
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Review Interface quick reference guide
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Conceptual analytics setup basics
Connect: Primary contact
Connect: RelativityOne admin
Connect: User
Email threading and TND setup basics
Language identification setup basics
Name normalization
Name normalization setup basics
Repeated content identification setup basics
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