RelativityOne PDF downloads

This page contains PDF versions of the RelativityOne documentation on this site. The PDFs posted here are updated daily, so we recommend bookmarking the PDFs instead of saving them locally or printing.

Ultimately, we recommend using the website to get the most up-to-date information. If you have trouble accessing any of these guides, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Feature guides

Admin Guide.pdf

Analytics Guide.pdf

Assisted Review Active Learning Guide.pdf

Case Metrics.pdf

Client Certificate Authentication Guide.pdf


Data Transfer.pdf

Event Handler Express.pdf

Integration Points.pdf

Searching Guide.pdf

Simple File Upload.pdf

Processing User Guide.pdf

Relativity Data Grid.pdf

Relativity Legal Hold.pdf

Review Center Guide.pdf

Transcripts application Guide.pdf

User Guide.pdf

Importing and exporting

Import/Export Guide.pdf

Relativity Desktop Client Guide.pdf - NOTE: Relativity ended support for the Relativity Desktop Client (RDC) for RelativityOne commercial customers on December 31, 2023. Use Import/Export for importing and exporting. Do not use RDC for any new work. RDC support plans for RelativityOne public sector customers will be announced in Q1 2024.

Zip files - This zip file contains the PDFs for RelativityOne available on this website.

Relational Field - Icon set for displaying lists of items grouped by the relational field.