Import/Export overview

Import/Export provides an efficient and streamlined ability to import raw data files, document load files, image load files, and production files, as well as to export production sets.

Note: After documents are imported using Import/Export, you can automate creating a dtSearch index or run a search terms report with those documents using Automated Workflows.

This page contains the following information:

Available import and export workflows

The following workflows can be performed using the Import/Export functionality.

Note: Express Transfer is a desktop application that supports large data uploads above 20 GB. The current version supports Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. For more information, refer to Express Transfer overview.

System requirements

Refer to the sections below for the necessary requirements to use the Import/Export functionality.

Workspace requirements

When using Import/Export, you need the following RelativityOne applications installed in your workspace:

  • Import/Export

  • Export

  • Import

  • Processing

Note: Refer to Installing the Import/Export application manually if you need to manually install the application in all your workspaces.


The following permissions are required to use Import/Export. All permissions are set in Workspace security.

Object security Tab visibility Other Settings
  • Document - Add, Edit, View

  • Entity - Add, Edit

  • Folder - Add, Edit

  • Relativity Import Data Source - Add, Edit

  • Relativity Import Job - Add, Edit

  • Relativity Export Service Job - Add, Edit, View

  • Processing Data Source - Add, Edit

  • Processing Error - Add, Edit

  • Processing Set - Add, Edit

  • Production - View

  • Quick Create Set - Add, Edit

  • Import/Export Extraction Job - Add, Edit

  • Import/Export Job - Add, Edit

  • Documents

  • Import/Export Job

  • Admin operations

    • Allow Export
    • Allow Import
  • Mass operations
    • Assign to Entity

Port Access

You need to allow TCP Port 443 traffic to import and export data via Import/Export.

Supported file types

Import/Export supports the following file types:

  • ZIP and PST files—for transferring data to the server-side.

  • Native files for processing—see the list of supported file types for processing.

  • Document Load File import—.dat, .csv and .txt load files.

  • Image Load File import—Opticon-formatted page-level files. Formats supported: single page, Group 4 .tiff files, .jpg files, and single and multipage .pdf files.

Data upload size limitation

Import/Export accepts a single .zip or .pst containers or a single load file up to 20 GB for a single import. Please note that there is no data limit when uploading data with Express Transfer. See Express Transfer overview for more information.

Installing the Import/Export application manually

The Import/Export application will not be installed automatically in all your workspaces. To manually install the Import/Export application from the Application Library:

  1. Log into RelativityOne as an Admin user.

  2. Navigate to the Application Library.

  3. Type Import/Export in the Name field's filter and press Enter.

  4. Click the application name to go to the Application Information tab.

  5. Click Select in the Workspaces Installed pane.

  6. Find and select your workspace and click the right arrow button to move it to the right-hand pane.

  7. Click Apply.