Collect is an easy-to-use application for collecting your custodian's Google Workspace data, Microsoft 365 emails and documents, Slack messages, and X1 emails and files. Start by setting up Collect as an application in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, or X1. For information on registering an app, see Accessing Microsoft 365 tenants or Google Workspace documentation, Slack documentation, or X1 documentation. Once registered, start adding custodians, data sources, and targets to Collect. Once connected, start the collect job and begin collecting data from custodians.

  • Google Workspace - collect documents from Chat, Drive, Gmail, and Groups.
  • Microsoft 365 Archived Mailbox - collect documents a custodian's archived Outlook mailbox.
  • Microsoft 365 OneDrive- collect documents from a custodian's OneDrive account.
  • Microsoft 365 Outlook Mailbox - collect emails and attachments from a custodian's Outlook mailbox.
  • Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar - collect appointments and meeting from a custodian's Outlook calendar.
  • Microsoft 365 Outlook Contacts - collect contact and contact information from a custodian's Outlooks contacts list.
  • Microsoft 365 Teams - collect Team conversation data from a custodian's Team account.
  • Slack - collect short messages from within an organization or custodian's Slack Enterprise application. For information on short messages, see Relativity Short Message Format.
  • X1 Files - collect documents from within the X1 file system. You can inspect file names and other metadata, as well as collect files for this data source.
  • X1 Emails - collect emails and attachments from within a custodian's email that is a part of the X1 system. You can configure collection parameters and specify a date range for email messages that you want to discover.

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