Set production beg/end attach fields

This script populates the production beginning and end attachment range fields for each document included in a production. This is a case functionality script to be run at a case level.

Special considerations

The risks outlined below must be considered when running this script:

  • This script can't be undone.
  • The script may run for some time without reporting any progress.
  • This script utilizes the Family Identifier field, which must be present and valid.
  • This script updates the Document table.


Before running the script:

  • Run a production

Also, ensure that the Attachment relational field is set in the production settings for the following multi-object fields:

  • Production::BegAttach
  • Production::EndAttach

Note: You can still run this script after running a production if the Attachment relational field wasn’t set on the production.


Once run, this script updates:

  • The BegAttach field with the beginning bates of the family group
  • The EndAttach field with the end bates of the family group

If you want to combine the attachment bates range data into one field for a singular range, run the Copy to Legacy Document Fields script, then mass replace those fields into the document object fields. See Copy To Legacy Document Fields.