The following minimum security permissions are required to use the Staging Explorer. All permissions are set in Instance security.

Object security Tab visibility Admin operations
Not applicable
  • Data Transfer

  • Staging Explorer

  • Access Staging Explorer
  • View Admin Repository*

  • Send Email Notification**

* this permission is needed for non-admin users only.

** this permission is not required to run Staging Explorer, but is required to send and receive an email notification when a transfer finishes or fails. For more information, see Updating Transfer Settings.

Note: If a user has access to multiple client domain workspaces and you only want them to be able to view specific fileshares in the Staging pane of the Staging Explorer, the user must be in a group, other than the System Administrator group, that is added to at least one workspace built on the resource pool with the associated fileshares. Refer to User access permissions to fileshares for more information