Branding queue

The Branding Queue displays production jobs receiving branding of redactions, header, footer, or other modifications. A production job displays in this queue only while it has a status of branding. The production job remains in the production queue until all branding is complete.

You can view the branding queue from Home. Select the Queue Management tab, and then click Branding Queue. See Branding queue fields for details.

Note: Branding agents scale automatically in RelativityOne.

To change the priority of a job, click the Change Priority button at the bottom of the view. Enter a new integer value in the Priority field, and then click Update. Only one job runs at a time, the lower numbered job runs first and the higher numbered job runs last.

Note: Any change to the priority of a job in the branding queue also changes its priority in the production queue.

Branding queue fields

The Branding Queue view displays the following fields:

Branding queue tab

  • Workspace - the workspace that contains the production set receiving branding
  • Production Name - the production set receiving branding
  • Artifact ID - the unique identifier for the production set
  • Images Remaining - the number of images that require branding
  • Status - the current stage of the branding job
  • Priority - the order in which the branding job is run. Relativity completes branding jobs by priority. The default value is 100.
  • Submitted By - the user who initiated the job. You can use this information to prioritize branding jobs by user.