RelativityOne Sandbox

RelativityOne Sandbox refers to reusable RelativityOne environments that allow you to test SQL scripts, event handlers, API based applications, custom pages, and custom agents.

  • RelativityOne Sandbox is not currently available for FedRAMP customers / government entities.
  • Sandbox is a service that you must subscribe to. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.
  • You should never put confidential data into Sandbox environments.
  • Sandboxes do not come with a federated instance connection to their primary environment by default. If you need to set up a federated instance, see Federated instances .
  • Sandbox and legacy sandbox instances are upgraded during the same time frame and will be on the same version of RelativityOne.

Both sandbox and legacy sandbox instances will be upgraded month-to-month. Your users will have a unified login between their production instance and their Sandbox instance and be able to switch between instances easily.

See RelativityOne Sandbox on the RelativityOne Platform site for more information.