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Relativity Legal Hold is Relativity's integrated solution for a complete legal hold management workflow application. Legal Hold helps you identify and preserve relevant data when you anticipate litigation. Better understand your organizational data structure, which gives you an advantage in preparing for a hold, responding to a regulatory agency, or negotiating with opposing counsel with Relativity Legal Hold.

Instead of sending ad hoc emails and manually tracking responses in spreadsheets to manage a legal hold, you can centralize this process by using one application. Using Legal Hold, you can:

  • Send out hold notifications by email
  • Automatically follow up with unresponsive custodians
  • Interview custodians to gather information
  • Track and analyze responses using the Relativity Pivot feature
  • Generate reports to maintain a defensibly-sound audit trail of all communications with custodians and other relevant parties

This guide outlines Legal Hold's structure and functionality and describes how to create, manage, assess, and close a legal hold or hold-related project. Before getting started, see the Legal Hold checklist.

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Legal Hold compatibility matrix

The following matrix illustrates which versions of Relativity support which versions of Legal Hold.

  Legal Hold 9.7 Legal Hold 9.6 Legal Hold 9.5First release in the Relativity Applications Library - Legal Hold Legal Hold Legal Hold 4.3 Legal Hold 4.2 Legal Hold 4.1 Legal Hold 4.0 Legal Hold 3.5
Relativity 9.7 X                
Relativity 9.6   X****              
Relativity 9.5     X X          
Relativity 9.4         X*** X X    
Relativity 9.3               X** X

*Legal Hold 3.2 is cross-browser compatible in Relativity 9 only.

** Legal Hold 4.0.423.2 is only compatible with Relativity 9.3 releases from the Relativity 9.3.332.21 product update and higher. Previous versions of Legal Hold 4.0 are not compatible with Relativity 9.3.332.21 and below.

***Legal Hold 4.3 is only compatible with the November Relativity 9.4.378.21 product update to Relativity 9.5. Previous versions of Legal Hold are not compatible with Relativity 9.4.378.21 and below.

****Legal Hold 9.6 and higher are is available in the application library and is upgraded with each Relativity 9.6 and higher upgrade.

Access the appropriate application version documentation using the following links:

Note: You can locate an application's version number by navigating to Applications & Scripts > Application Library tab. You must be a system admin to access this tab.