Mass image

Mass imaging creates TIFF or JPEG images for a document set based on the settings in the imaging profile you select. Relativity also provides a default imaging profile that you can use out-of-the-box. You can customize profiles to create color JPEG images, adjust image size, and leverage other formatting options. Mass image is available from the mass operations bar.

The mass image operation uses the same technology as the Relativity native file viewer.

Note: The mass image operation is disabled if the Imaging application isn't installed.

To perform a mass image operation, perform the following steps:

Note: You can't use mass operations on Data Grid-enabled fields.

  1. From the mass operations bar on the document list, choose whether to image Checked items or All items in the current returned set.

    Note: The maximum number of documents you can select at one time for the mass image action is 10,000 documents. If the number of documents selected exceeds this value, a warning appears and prevents the job from running. If you want to image more than 10,000 documents, create and run an imaging set. See Imaging sets and Running an imaging set.

  2. Select Image in the drop-down menu.
  3. The Image Documents pop-up displays.

  1. Select a Source Type.

  2. Select an option in the Imaging Profile drop-down menu. Only profiles that you have permissions to use appear. You can also use the Default profile for the imaging job.

    Mass image profile selection

  3. Click OK to create the images. Depending on the number of documents you submit, this may take some time. Image-on-the-fly jobs take precedence over batch image jobs.

Note: If any of the documents you selected to image is of a type that is included in the Restricted Native Types object on the imaging profile you selected for the mass image job, that document can't be imaged and you receive a corresponding error message.