Import/Export Job tracking and history

The Import/Export Job page enables you to monitor the progress of jobs currently running, review previous jobs that were executed, and view other pertinent job details at the workspace level.

Note: To monitor jobs at the instance level, see Import/Export queue.

To access the page, use tabs, search, or the quick nav bar to navigate to the Import/Export Job page.

Import Export Job History dialog

The following columns display on the Import/Export Job page:

  • Name—the name of the job. You can click this link to:

    • Return to the data transfer progress dialog if the job is still in progress.

    • View the data transfer summary if the job has completed.

Note: You may need to refresh the Import/Export Job page to see the job's current progress.

  • Job Workflow

    • Unprocessed—for imports of raw native files that require file processing.

    • Document Import—for imports of document load files.

    • Image Import—for imports of image load files.

    • Production Import—for imports of production load files.

    • Production Export—for exports of production load files.

  • Job Status—the current job status.

    General job statuses:

    • New—a new job has been configured but has not been started.

    • Uploading phase—data is being uploaded to RelativityOne. Statuses include: Uploading, Upload Completed, Upload Failed, and Upload Canceled.

    • Extracting phase—uploaded data is being extracted. Statuses include: Extraction Requested, Extraction Request Failed, Extracting, Extraction Failed, and Extraction Canceled.

    • Transferring phase—Statuses include: Transfer Requested, Transfer Request Failed, Transferring, Transfer Failed, and Transfer Canceled

    • Processing phase (only for unprocessed data import)—Statuses include: Processing Request Failed and Processing Requested.

    Detailed job statuses:

    • Import job statuses (for structured data import)—Import Job Canceled, Import Job Completed, Import Job Completed with Errors, Import Job Failed, Import Job Inserting, Import Job Scheduled, Import Job Started, and Import Request Failed

    • Processing job statuses (for unprocessed data import)—Discovery Not Started, Discovery in Progress, Discovery Completed, Discovery Completed with Errors, Discovery Failed, Discovery Canceled, Publish Not Started, Publish in Progress, Publish Completed, Publish Completed with Errors, Publish Failed, and Publish Canceled.

    • Export job statuses—Export Job Started, Export Job Request Failed, Export Job Scheduled, Export Job in Progress, Export Job Completed, Export Job Completed with Errors, Export Job Failed, Export Job Canceled, Download Read, Download Requested, Download in Progress, Download Completed, Download Completed with Errors, Download Failed, and Download Canceled.

  • System Created by—the name of the user who started the job.

  • Date Started Local—the local date and time when the job started.

  • Date End Local—the local date and time when the job was completed.

  • Identifier—displays the ID of the job.

You can extend the Import/Export Job view by creating your own view. Please refer to Creating a view for more information.