Integration Points

Integration Points offers a solution to configure integrations from third party systems to Relativity objects and between Relativity workspaces. For more information, see Promoting data between workspaces through Integration Points.

Interested developers can create a separate ADS application to pull data from a third party system source provider. Integration Points ingests that application to handle the scheduling, setup, field mapping, and actual import into Relativity. By using the Integration Points platform, developers can reduce the amount of time needed to create these custom integrations while end users receive a consistent and easy setup approach.

In addition to supporting developer-built custom integrations, Integration Points also provides a built-in integration to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) enabled HR servers such as Microsoft Active Directory. Built on the Integration Points platform, the LDAP integration can filter and schedule imports from Active Directory data into a Relativity workspace. For example, the workstations, employee names, and data shares, among others.

Since the Integration Points does not offer Full Name field calculation for Custodian/Entity object, the field is not available as an option for mapping. If you need to update the Entity object, please use the LDAP provider, which allows new records to be added with a field other than Full Name as the identifier. Alternatively, you may consider using Import/Export for Custodians/Entities updates.

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Using Integration Points scenarios