Staging Explorer

Note: Relativity is in the process of modernizing the storage capacity in RelativityOne, including updating our Staging Explorer data transfer tool to use native Azure for fileshares instead of Aspera. The technical changes are behind the scenes in the software, however, some of the user interface screens and options may be different in your Staging Explorer. Please refer to the Community article, Differences between ROSE on TAPI Azure Provider and legacy ROSE on Aspera, for the details. If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Support.

Staging Explorer enables you to rapidly transfer large amounts of data to and from RelativityOne to jump-start and sustain the data pipeline for critical projects. Use it to upload files to a staging area for RelativityOne or to download files from your RelativityOne storage location to a local computer.

Below are the top-level directories included in the Staging area within each tenant or client domain storage area:

  • ARM — a folder for archiving workspaces and for staging restores.
  • ProcessingSource — a folder for storing files you want to process into your RelativityOne workspace.
  • TenantVM — a folder to temporarily store Utility Server virtual machine (UVM) workflows. Refer to Utility Server documentation for more information.
  • Export — a folder for exporting workspace data using Import/Export. Refer to Import/Export documentation for more information.

You can view data for a new matter, quickly load newly discovered data, or quickly download produced documents. This makes accessing data in the cloud as quick and seamless as if it was contained within your own environment.

Refer to these sections to set up Staging Explorer: