Installing Import/Export

The Import/Export application will not be installed automatically in all your workspaces so you must do so manually in each one from the Relativity Application Library.


Refer to the sections below for the necessary requirements for Import/Export.

Workspace requirements

When using Import/Export, you need the following RelativityOne applications installed in your workspace from the Relativity Application Library:

Note: Import/Export requires the Relativity.Transfer.Service to be installed in your RelativityOne instance. This is a global RelativityOne application that is installed and updated automatically.

  • Import/Export (see installation steps below)

  • Export

  • Import

  • Processing (only required if you intend to process unstructured raw data for processing with Import/Export)

  • Relativity Lists (version 1.2.305 or newer)

Note: Import/Export requires Relativity Lists version 1.2.305 or newer to be installed and enabled in the workspace for running import and export jobs. If the Relativity Lists application is not available, all Import/Export workflows will be disabled.

Port Access

Import/Export requires TCP port 443 to be open to transfer data. For further assistance, please contact your IT Department. Also refer to the Import Export Application - Required Ports article in Community for additional information.

Installing Import/Export

To manually install Import/Export in the workspace:

  1. Log into RelativityOne as an Admin user.

  2. Navigate to the Application Library.

  3. Type Import/Export in the Name field's filter and press Enter.

  4. Click the Import/Export application name to go to the Application Information tab.

  5. Click Select in the Workspaces Installed pane.

  6. Find and select your workspace(s) and click the right arrow button to move it to the right-hand pane.

  7. Click Apply.

If you want to use Import/Export with Express Transfer, which is recommended in most cases, you must activate Express Transfer within the Import/Export application. Refer to Express Transfer overview and Activating Express Transfer for more information.