Preservation in-place

With Relativity’s Preservation application, you can preserve Google Workspace Data and Microsoft 365 data. The Microsoft data includes Exchange Mailboxes, OneDrive files, SharePoint directories, and Teams Channels.

A preservation hold preserves data in:

  • Google Workspace

    • Gmail

    • Chat

    • Drive

  • Microsoft 365

    • Exchange Mailboxes

    • OneDrive

    • SharePoint

    • Teams Channels

  • Microsoft 365 Government

Preservation holds are transparent to custodians. A preservation hold ensures that original copies, prior to any edits or deletions, of emails and files are preserved in a preservation folder, or preservation library. The preservation library ensures that there is no loss of data through accidental or willful deletion or editing of items under a preservation hold.

Note: A custodian can be active in multiple projects and can be on multiple preservation holds. If one preservation hold is removed, another could still be in place. When a preservation hold is removed in Relativity, only that one preservation hold is removed in Microsoft Purview compliance portal and Google Vault.


Enable the Preservation Hold security permission to add, edit, or remove Preservation Holds within projects. For more information on security permissions, see Legal Hold Application Permissions.

Object Security Tab Visibility Other Settings

Legal Hold Application Permissions

Preservation Hold

Data Preservation  
Preservation Preservation  
Preservation Data Service Preservation Hold  
Preservation Data Source Preservation Data Source  
Preservation Error Preservation Data Service  
Preservation Hold Preservation Hold Job  
Preservation Hold Entity Status Preservation Log  
Preservation Hold Job Preservation Error  
Preservation Log Preservation Hold Entity Status  
Preservation Product    
Preservation Product Source    


Before creating a Preservation Hold, add a Preservation Hold data source. Fill out the information for the Preservation Hold Data Source to create a data source to create preservation holds. To learn more about Preservation Hold, see Creating a preservation data source.


Before adding a preservation, consider the following list. If a data source is not listed, there are no considerations or limitations.

We recommend creating a preservation with a maximum of 1,000 pieces of data. This is to keep a high-performance level. We recommend creating multiple holds for larger preservation projects.

For more information see Google Workspace considerations and Microsoft 365 considerations.

Installing the app

To use the Preservation in Place app, you need to install both the Legal Hold app and the Preservation in Place app to one or more workspaces. You must install both apps in the same workspace.

Find and install the Preservation in Place app in the Application Library. The application name is Preservation in Place.

To install the Preserve in Place app to a workspace:

  1. Navigate to the workspace where you want to install the application.

  2. Navigate to the Relativity Applications tab.

  3. Click New Relativity Application to display an application form.

  4. Click the Select from Application Library radio button in the Application Type section.

  5. Click in the Choose from Application Library field.

  6. Select Preserve in Place on the Select Library Application dialog.
    This dialog only displays applications added to the Application Library. If Preserve in Place is not included in the list, see Installing applications.

  7. Click Ok to display the application in the Choose from Application Library field. The application form also displays the following fields:

    • Version—displays the version of the application that you are installing.

    • User-friendly URL—displays a user-friendly version of the application's URL. This field may be blank.

    • Application Artifacts—displays object types and other application components.

    • Map Fields—there are no fields available in Relativity Legal Hold for mapping.

  8. Click Import to install Preserve in Place into the workspace.

  9. Review the import status of the application. Verify that the install was successful or resolve errors. See Viewing import status and Troubleshooting application installation errors.

When installing the Preserve in Place app, you must first unlock the Legal Hold app and any other application installed in the workspace that uses the Entity object.

Once the application is installed you will need to setup a new preservation data source. For more information, see Data sources.