Displaying family groups in a view

During review, you can see how documents exist in family groups by creating a view tailored to this goal.

Creating the family group view

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab.

  2. Click on the View drop-down to expand the menu.

  3. Click New View.

  4. Enter the following in the Information section:

    • Object Type—Document

    • Order—10

    • Name—Family Group

    • Owner—Public

  5. Enter the following in the Other section:

    • Group Definition—Group Identifier

    • Visible in Dropdown—Enabled

  6. In the Fields section, select each option below and click on the Move selected icon to move the field below to the Selected section:

    • Edit

    • File Icon

    • Control Number

    • Group Identifier

    • File Name, Name, or Unified Title

    • Record Type

    • Any additional fields you wish to see in the Family Group view.

  7. Click on the Sort section and select Group Identifier or another related items field.

  8. Click Save.