Convert Spreadsheets Markup

You can use the Convert Spreadsheets Markup mass operation to change the highlights to redactions in a spreadsheet document or vice versa regardless of whether the markups were created manually or by an automated project. Alternatively, you could use this mass operation to change the redactions from one type in a spreadsheet file to another.

Note: Only text or cell content redactions can be applied to .csv files.

Changing markup types

To switch markup types in a document or series of documents, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab and select any documents you wish to convert.

  2. Select the Convert Spreadsheets Markup option from the mass operations bar.

  3. Select the Markup Set you wish to convert and then select the Markup Type and Markup Subtype you wish to convert from and to.

  4. Click Submit.
    The selected documents have the applied highlights converted to redactions or the applied redactions converted to highlights and an email is sent to the user's email address that summarizes the results of the mass operation.

Reviewing converted markups

There are some special considerations when reviewing converted markups or re-running spreadsheet projects that involve converted markups. Once a document has had markups converted, using the Accept/Reject column in the Redact Navigation card will remove and replace the converted markup. To learn more about the Redact Navigation card, visit Reviewing markups to ensure accuracy.

However, if a spreadsheet project is reverted and run again, that project's rules will be reapplied and the conversions applied by the Convert Spreadsheets Markup mass operation will be lost.