User software requirements

This section outlines requirements and recommendations for a workstation used to access RelativityOne.

Supported operating systems

RelativityOne supports the following operating systems:

• Windows OS

• Mac OS*

*Does not support use of the Relativity Desktop Client, RelativityOne Staging Explorer, or RelativityOne VPN Client.

Note: RelativityOne is not supported on a mobile browser. To use RelativityOne on a mobile device, please download the RelativityOne Mobile application.

Supported browsers

RelativityOne supports the following internet browsers*. For additional information, see Browser-specific considerations.

Browser requirements Supported Version
Chrome Latest release**
Firefox Latest release**
Safari Latest release**
Edge v79+ (Chromium-based)

*Screen resolutions of 1366x768 (minimum) to 2560x1440 (maximum) are supported

**Recent earlier versions will likely still function as expected but full support is reserved for the latest release

  • Using your internet browser to zoom to any size other than 100% while using the Viewer is not supported and can cause unexpected behavior.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is in a “limited support” mode - users can still login and perform most tasks but will see both page performance and page styling issues due to IE11 being a legacy browser. Internet Explorer 11 will be completely unsupported as of the January 2021 RelativityOne release.