Auto-group families based on shared field values

The Contracts Unitization model is a way to auto group documents into families based on shared field values. Following are examples of use cases where Contracts unitization could be useful:

  • In a group of related lease documents the parties and the property address are common threads. Contracts untization will help you auto group those lease documents into a family after a first pass review by evaluating the common threads.
  • Insurance documents can be auto grouped by policy number.

You can define any number of fields so that any documents in the saved search of your analysis set share the same values across those fields. Contracts will auto populate fixed-length text fields of your choosing with a unique identifier on all such documents. It will look like something this: "1275fd7f-4cf5-4e01-810d-f5e5d7078a64."

Run unitization

To run Contracts unitization:

  1. Go to the Contracts Models tab.
  2. Click New Contracts Model.
  3. Name your model.
  4. Choose the Unitization model type.
  5. Add a description and click Save.
  6. Under Field(s) In Common, click New .
  7. Select a field and click Save or Save and New to add more fields.
  8. Go back to your unitization model and under Field(s) To Populate, click New .
  9. Select a field and click Save or Save and New to add more fields.

To create a new Analysis Profile:

  1. Go to the Contracts Analysis Profiles tab.
  2. Click New Contracts Analysis Profile .
  3. Name your analysis profile.
  4. Add a description.
  5. Add the unitization model you created.
  6. Click Save.

To run the new analysis set:

  1. Go to the Contracts Analysis Sets tab.
  2. Click the New Contracts Analysis Set button.
  3. Name your analysis set.
  4. Choose the analysis profile you named your newly created model.
  5. Select a saved search to run the analysis on.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Analyze button.

The status of the analysis will appear under the Status section. Once complete, click the Refresh button to refresh the page and view results.

Fields auto-populated by Contracts

For all Fields In Common that you linked in, Contracts will look at all the documents in your saved search and decide if any documents have the same values across those fields in common. For groups of documents that share the same values, Contracts will auto populate all fields that you chose with the same unique identifier. It will look something like this: "1275fd7f-4cf5-4e01-810d-f5e5d7078a64."

Contracts supports the following field types for Fields In Common:

  • Fixed-length text (whitespace and case are ignored).
  • Single Choice
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Date

For Fields To Populate, Contracts supports the Fixed-length Text field type.

Note: Link the Contracts Related Documents field under Fields To Populate so that your related documents will appear together in the left pane of the Contracts Viewer.