Third party data migration partners

There are many benefits to working with an approved data migration partner.

First and foremost, these partners specialize in Relativity and can consult on customized solutions or in some cases even provide their own applications to accelerate your migration. Second, data migration requires a combination of expertise and availability. While a lot of our customers have technical proficiency and availability, for many, this will be their first large Relativity data migration. Our approved data migration partners bring knowledge and resources that can help accelerate your timeline and provide peace of mind. Finally, because migrations typically occur on nights and weekends, it is optimal for many organizations to rely on a partner for the necessary coverage.

Note: Data Migration Partners are approved to support and understand RelativityOne standard practices for data migration. Each approved data migration partner may implement expanded or enhanced offerings of value for data migrations, including but not limited to customized workflows or applications. For these reasons, approaches and processes may differ with each Approved Data Migration Partner.

This page contains the following information:

Current Relativity approved partners

The following are current approved data migration partners for RelativityOne.

Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS)
FTI Technology RelativityOne data migration services
GeorgeJon, Inc.
icourts RelativityOne data migration services
Milyli, Inc.
The MCS Group RelativityOne data migration services

Morae Global data migration services

Page One

ProSearch RelativityOne data migration services

Ricoh Canada Inc.
Special Counsel data migration services


Relativity approved partner criteria

These approved partners must meet all of the following criteria to maintain their status as Relativity Approved Partners:

  • Receive regular training updates on all Relativity applications to support migrations.
  • Pass a complex scenario test that requires they perform data migration of Relativity Server workspaces to RelativityOne. These scenarios are challenging and require strong analysis and troubleshooting to pass.
  • Maintain regular feedback loops with Relativity, including:
    • Feedback on their work and customer experience with them
    • Product updates
    • Providing Relativity with important feedback on the improvement/enhancement of the applications that were utilized for migrations to RelativityOne.

Roles and responsibilities when using an Relativity approved partner

Once you have selected your data migration partner, similar to self-service, the process kicks off with selecting your team and defining and assigning roles.

The following table defines and overview of potential third party partner data migration roles and responsibilities.

Organization Role Role definition


Data Migration Specialist
(RelativityOne Customer Experience team member)

  • Oversees your organization's data migration
  • Leads initial project planning discussions and stays involved throughout the process as a consistent point of contact
  • Provides prescriptive guidance on the best approach and considerations
  • Provides insight and feedback for data migration plan


Technical Support

  • May be pulled into the data migration project to address and troubleshoot technical issues preventing workspaces from being migrated that the Data Migration Specialist could not resolve.
  • Provides 24 hour/7 day technical support for issues with Relativity or RelativityOne software/systems


Data Migration Project Manager

  • Overall data migration project manager for your organization
  • Helps design the plan or provides information to consider for planning


IT admin

  • Ensures the customer data migration team has the proper permissions to successfully migrate cases to RelativityOne.
  • Installs Relativity desktop applications for the project team
  • Configures network firewall and opens necessary ports to communicate to RelativityOne


Relativity Case Admin

  • This team member is hands-on with the Relativity application, with a strong knowledge of your use of current Relativity workspaces
  • Works closely with the Customer Data Migration Project Manager to ensure the workspaces are properly prioritized.
  • Assists with the Quality Control process after workspaces are restored in RelativityOne

Approved data migration partner

Data Migration Project Consultant

  • Project Manager and coordinator of the overall data migration process after the handoff from Relativity
  • Acts as Level 1 – Level 2 technical support
  • Communicates on a regular basis to internal/external stakeholders regarding the migration status
  • Escalates to the appropriate Relativity teams to resolve technical issues or address customer concerns

Approved data migration partner

Data Migration Technical Resources

  • Leads the migration work to perform the migration of the workspaces
  • Provides technical expertise
  • Analyzes the current environment and workspaces
  • Often helps to develop designed approaches for the migration