Using a third party data migration partner

There are many benefits to working with an approved data migration partner.

First and foremost, these partners specialize in Relativity and can consult on customized solutions or in some cases even provide their own applications to accelerate your migration. Second, data migration requires a combination of expertise and availability. While a lot of our customers have technical proficiency and availability, for many, this will be their first large Relativity data migration. Our approved data migration partners bring knowledge and resources that can help accelerate your timeline and provide peace of mind. Finally, because migrations typically occur on nights and weekends, it is optimal for many organizations to rely on a partner for the necessary coverage.

Note: Data Migration Partners are approved to support and understand RelativityOne standard practices for data migration. Each approved data migration partner may implement expanded or enhanced offerings of value for data migrations, including but not limited to customized workflows or applications. For these reasons, approaches and processes may differ with each Approved Data Migration Partner.

This page contains the following information:

Relativity approved partner criteria

These approved partners must meet all of the following criteria to maintain their status as Relativity Approved Partners:

  • Receive regular training updates on all Relativity applications to support migrations (e.g., ARM and RelativityOne Staging Explorer)
  • Pass a complex scenario test that requires they perform data migration of Relativity Server workspaces to RelativityOne. These scenarios are challenging and require strong analysis and troubleshooting to pass.
  • Maintain regular feedback loops with Relativity, including:
    • Feedback on their work and customer experience with them
    • Product updates
    • Providing Relativity with important feedback on the improvement/enhancement of the applications that were utilized for migrations to RelativityOne.

Current Relativity approved partners

The following are current approved data migration partners for RelativityOne.

GeorgeJon, Inc.

George Jon, Inc. (gji) is a pioneering eDiscovery data & infrastructure services specialist delivering performant, scalable, and fault-tolerant environments for all eDiscovery platforms. As full technology stack experts and consultants, we specialize in every aspect of the eDiscovery environment lifecycle – from large-scale eDiscovery ecosystem implementation and deployment to eDiscovery data migration services and datacenter wind downs to existing environment audits.

As the eDiscovery landscape continues to rapidly shift and evolve, George Jon is focused on being in lockstep with market demands. With this core tenet in mind, we developed an industry leading, data migration and datacenter wind down program that allows clients to avoid the traditionally drawn out and painful process of moving their data. Over the past five years, gji has helped over 150 eDiscovery providers and end-users to successfully migrate their data. Our services cover data footprints of all sizes and all sources and destinations.

The Data Migration Best Practices developed by George Jon are not only endorsed by leading eDiscovery application vendors, but have become the standard for global eDiscovery systems – driving productivity, profits and peace of mind throughout the industry.

For more information, please visit

Milyli, Inc.

Milyli is a software development firm dedicated to making eDiscovery easier for anyone. Milyli has worked with Relativity and eDiscovery technologies since 2008, building custom solutions and developing innovative applications. Legal professionals working on any litigation type can reduce review time, create efficiencies, and lower end costs with Milyli.

As one of the first RelativityOne Approved Data Migration Partners, Milyli provides comprehensive planning, painless and timely execution, and expert support – whether it's pre-, during, or post migration. With over 100K hours developing for Relativity, Milyli's team meets the highest standards of functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency.

For more information, please visit

FTI Technology RelativityOne data migration services

As an early adopter of RelativityOne, FTI Technology has been at the forefront of migrating data and workspaces from Relativity Server instances to RelativityOne both internally and on behalf of clients. From creating a migration plan to managing the transfer of applications and scripts, FTI assists law firms, corporations and government agencies in upgrading to RelativityOne. And, should exceptions occur in transferring files at any stage of the process, FTI has the technical expertise to remedy-- ensuring a complete migration.

FTI RelativityOne Data Migration Services include:

  • Migration planning
  • Data and workspace migration
  • Application and script transfer
  • Post migration evaluation
  • File expectation identification and remediation
  • Migration services into RelativityOne include but are not limited to Relativity SQL back-up, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, CloudNine LAW, OpenText / Recommind, Clearwell, CaseLogistix, Introspect, Viewpoint, and Exterro

For more information, please visit

icourts RelativityOne data migration services

icourts’ RelativityOne Data Migration Services are uniquely customized to overcome common migration challenges. icourts is also adept at dealing with complex data sets and security requirements. icourts’ workflow has been specifically designed to streamline and accelerate the movement of eDiscovery data repositories to the cloud whilst mitigating any unexpected issues that may arise.

Migrating to a new eDiscovery platform can be daunting. Planning and managing the safe transfer of data, workspaces, applications and scripts is not always straight forward. Migration to a cloud-based solution presents a range of challenges from compliance to continuity.

icourts have managed the data migration needs of three financial services regulators and countless projects for law firms and corporations. Our icourts’ experience provides you with a secure, reliable method to quickly and cost-effectively move your eDiscovery data holdings to RelativityOne.

icourts’ data migration services support migration from all leading eDiscovery platforms including:

  • Relativity
  • Concordance
  • Summation iBlaze
  • Summation Pro
  • AccessData QUIN-C
  • Ringtail (Nuix Discover)
  • Nuix
  • Intella

icourts has the experience and technical capability to design data migration processes for other platforms through back-end integration or front-end processes.

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Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS)

Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS) is a leading provider of end-to-end eDiscovery, data management and compliance solutions centered around the RelativityOne platform. As a RelativityOne Silver Partner, CDS’s Data Migration Architects and Consultants have extensive experience with designing, developing and implementing migrations to RelativityOne. CDS understands and accommodates each client's technological and business considerations when migrating complex databases, creating novel, cost-effective workflows. Additionally, CDS can advise on all of RelativityOne’s features and translate the platform’s functionality into forward thinking, tailor-made solutions.

  • Migration planning and consultation
  • Workflow development
  • Application and script transfer
  • Near real-time migration tracking and reporting
  • Documented quality control procedures and checklists
  • Thorough assessment of risks and security
  • Testing
  • Template design
  • Documentation / training

For more information, please visit

The MCS Group RelativityOne data migration services

Having been at the forefront of cloud e-Discovery services as well as an early adopter of RelativityOne, the MCS Technology Solutions team is up to the challenge of migrating workspaces from many different providers and software platforms, in part, because of our full understanding of the underlying technology and processes for archiving and restoration to the cloud platform. Additionally, MCS Group is very familiar with the challenges that go along with migrating data from on-premise applications to the cloud. These challenges range from bandwidth issues, establishing a communication and outage plan, to managing custom applications or scripts that require upgrade or modification.

Through our extensive experience with migration, we have developed processes that promote the quality and completeness of your data and we will work with your team to identify potential issues before, during, and after data migration.

Although migration services are technical in nature, there is a great deal of planning that is needed when migrating from another platform. Our experience in performing data migrations will help you through other pain points of the process as well by supplying user communication templates and migration planning templates, preparing workspaces or other databases for archive, or providing general advice on cost-effectively managing your data.

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Ricoh eDiscovery

Ricoh eDiscovery has been a partner with Relativity for almost 10 years (initially as a Best in Service Blue partner and currently as a RelativityOne Silver partner). Over these years, Ricoh eDiscovery has gone through multiple migrations of workspaces between different Relativity instances and from other web hosted solutions (like Clearwell, iPro Eclipse or CaseLogistix) to Relativity. The scope of these migrations covers individual cases to entire Relativity instances with more than 1,000 workspaces and 60+ TB of data.

The Relativity team at Ricoh eDiscovery has built solutions and workflows to efficiently migrate even large workspaces with minimal downtime for end users. Using available solutions from Relativity combined with custom solutions from Ricoh, the impact for clients during the migration of workspaces can be minimized to allow the migration of large multi-TB cases with less than a day of downtime.

Migration services from Ricoh eDiscovery include an end-to-end service to cover all phases of a migration from initial scope assessment, consultation, project planning and management, user coordination, communication, and the actual technical work to migrate any size of environments to RelativityOne. We can also assist with the initial configuration of the RelativityOne instance as required. Our team will work closely with the client, integrating their resources as much as possible.

Ricoh eDiscovery also offers case management services through their team of Relativity Masters and Experts to allow clients to optimize use of features available in RelativityOne and to learn and follow best practice workflows.

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Roles and responsibilities when using an Relativity approved partner

Once you have selected your data migration partner, similar to self-service, the process kicks off with selecting your team and defining and assigning roles.

The following table defines and overview of potential third party partner data migration roles and responsibilities.

Organization Role Role definition


Data Migration Specialist
(RelativityOne Customer Experience team member)

  • Oversees your organization's data migration
  • Leads initial project planning discussions and stays involved throughout the process as a consistent point of contact
  • Provides prescriptive guidance on the best approach and considerations
  • Provides insight and feedback for data migration plan


Technical Support

  • May be pulled into the data migration project to address and troubleshoot technical issues preventing workspaces from being migrated that the Data Migration Specialist could not resolve.
  • Provides 24 hour/7 day technical support for issues with Relativity or RelativityOne software/systems


Data Migration Project Manager

  • Overall data migration project manager for your organization
  • Helps design the plan or provides information to consider for planning


IT admin

  • Ensures the customer data migration team has the proper permissions to successfully migrate cases to RelativityOne.
  • Installs Relativity desktop applications for the project team such as RDC, ARM, and RelativityOne Staging Explorer
  • Configures network firewall and opens necessary ports to communicate to RelativityOne


Relativity Case Admin

  • This team member is hands-on with the Relativity application, with a strong knowledge of your use of current Relativity workspaces
  • Works closely with the Customer Data Migration Project Manager to ensure the workspaces are properly prioritized.
  • Assists with the Quality Control process after workspaces are restored in RelativityOne

Approved data migration partner

Data Migration Project Consultant

  • Project Manager and coordinator of the overall data migration process after the handoff from Relativity
  • Acts as Level 1 – Level 2 technical support
  • Communicates on a regular basis to internal/external stakeholders regarding the migration status
  • Escalates to the appropriate Relativity teams to resolve technical issues or address customer concerns

Approved data migration partner

Data Migration Technical Resources

  • Leads the migration work to perform the archive, data transfer and restoration of the workspaces
  • Provides technical expertise
  • Analyzes the current environment and workspaces
  • Often helps to develop designed approaches for the migration