Reviewing documents using Review Center

The Review Queues tab is the starting point for reviewers. Every Review Center queue that a reviewer is assigned to shows up here.

This topic provides step-by-step instructions for accessing a queue and reviewing documents.

Reviewing documents in the queue

To review documents in a queue:

  1. Navigate to the Review Queues tab.

  2. Each queue you are assigned to has a separate card. Locate the card with the same name as the queue you want.

    Review Center queue card

  3. Click Start Review.

    This opens the document viewer.

  4. Review the document as specified by your admin, then enter your coding choice.

  5. Click Save and Next.

    The next document will appear for review.

If you do not see a Start Review button, either the queue is paused, or the admin has not started the queue. Talk to your administrator to find out when the queue will be ready.

For more information on using the document viewer, see Viewer.

Finding previously viewed documents

As you work through the queue, you can see documents you already reviewed in the queue by clicking on Documents in the left-hand navigation bar. This opens the Documents panel.

The Documents panel

To view a document, click on its control number in the panel.

Document control number in the Documents panel

To return to your current document, click on the Navigate Last Navigate Last button button in the upper right corner of the document viewer.

Navigate Last button

Note: When you filter columns in the Documents panel, the filters only apply to documents on the current page of the panel. For a comprehensive list of results, filter within the Documents tab of Relativity or run a search from the saved search browser or field tree.

Queue card statistics

If your admin has enabled it, you may see some statistics displayed on the queue cards.

The statistics you may see are:

  • Total docs in queue—the total number of documents in this queue, across all reviewers.

  • Total remaining uncoded docs—the total number of uncoded documents in this queue, across all reviewers.

  • My docs reviewed total—how many documents you have reviewed total in this queue.

  • My docs reviewed today—how many documents you have reviewed today in this queue. These are counted starting at midnight in your local time.

Viewing the dashboard

Your admin may give you access to the Review Center dashboard. The dashboard shows how the review is progressing, including statistics and visualizations.

For more information on the Review Center dashboard, see Monitoring a Review Center queue.