Deleting a custodian

You can delete individual entities, or multiple entities at once from Legal Hold, and any project to which they may be assigned. An entity cannot be deleted if they have communications redirected to them. For more information, see Custodian Interaction level

To delete an entity:

  1. From the Entity list, locate the entity.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the entity that you want to delete.
  3. From the actions menu at the bottom, select Delete from the second drop-down list.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Click Delete.

Note: Deleting an entity removes the custodian entirely from Legal Hold, as if they never existed. For example, if they were designated as a custodian's manager, they will no longer appear as the custodian's manager. If you just want to remove the custodian from the project without deleting their data, see Removing a custodian from the project console.

Deleting a custodian on a preservation hold

To delete a custodian on a preservation hold, the custodian first needs to be removed from all preservation holds in all projects. To remove an custodian from a preservation hold in a project, change the custodian's role to a non-preservation hold role. For a list of roles and how to change a custodian's role, see Assigning roles to custodians.

Note: Attempting to delete a custodian on a preservation hold is not permitted.

To locate projects the custodian has a preservation hold on, navigate to the Project console and run the Active Preservation Holds report. For more information on running the Active Preservation Holds report, see the Active Preservation Holds Report. You can also learn which custodians are on a preservation hold by using the Custodian Status Dashboard. For more information, see the Custodian status dashboard. Once the projects are returned, consult with others to verify their ability for the preservation hold to be removed in the specific project.