Preservation hold settings

The Hold Admin tab contains all Legal Hold configuration, Global Reminder settings, and custodian roles.

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Adding Preservation Hold Settings

To create a Preservation Hold for a custodian, the Preservation Hold Settings will need to be added first. This is a one time setup to create data sources for a preservation hold. On the Preservation Hold Settings page, fill out the fields defined below:

  • Name - enter in the name to identify the data source.
  • Domain Name - enter the Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Domain.
  • URL - this URL is the connection to Microsoft Office 365 Protection Services utilized by Relativity Legal Hold (read only).
  • Account User - enter in the username of the account used to access Office 365. This account must be assigned the eDiscovery Manager role in Office 365, which is required to create and remove preservation holds.

    Note: An Office 365 E3 license or higher is required by Microsoft in order to have access to Office 365 preservation features.

  • Account Password - enter in the password for the account user.

    Note: Credentials used for accessing Office 365 are stored in an encrypted state by Relativity for security purposes.

  • Resolve SharePoint Site Permissions - select Yes or No to temporarily grant the required permissions to the Account User in order to obtain the list of custodians that have access to a given site during the target discovery process.

    Note: If this option is not enabled, it is possible that not all targets will be returned during the discovery process. The Account User must have all required permissions to read the site properties. For more information, see Microsoft support.

Deleting a Preservation Hold Setting

To delete a Preservation Hold Setting, delete all projects using the setting first. To learn how to delete projects, see Projects. Once the projects have been deleted, navigate to the Preservation Hold Setting and click the Delete button. This action deletes the Preservation Hold Setting from Relativity Legal Hold.

Note: Due to background processes, the Preservation Hold Setting may not be immediately deleted.