Custodian status dashboard

Create custom custodian dashboards to view the status the custodians, the number of acknowledgements, and the overall health of your projects.

Navigate to the Custodian status dashboard to manage custodian-based dashboards. Create and save dashboards for different views of Legal Hold projects. For more information, see Dashboards. Custodian status dashboards can help you easily identify:

  • custodians assigned to legal holds.
  • custodians responding to legal hold notices.
  • projects with pending acknowledgements.

Use the widget and data table to locate active projects and view the acknowledgement response levels. Click on any of the data points within the widget, which automatically update in response, to focus the research. Once the custodians are located, you can then see how the custodians are responding to the hold communications.

Use the table to locate custodians and determine if they are on a hold and if they have acknowledged the hold. Within the data table, sort and filter data using the column headers. Click on the column headers to sort the data and use the different filter types in each column. Changes are also reflected in the widget.