Staging Explorer Best Practices and Limitations

The following are some good practices and limitations to consider when using Staging Explorer.

Best practices

The following are some best practices to consider when using Staging Explorer:

  • Use a stable internet connection. Wifi is not recommended.

  • Due to bandwidth sharing, avoid performing large and highly fragmented transfers in parallel.

  • Depending on your system and network connection, it may be beneficial to separate substantially large data sets into smaller batches for transmission in order to improve speed and processing workflow.

  • When downloading huge data sets, be sure to use a local drive as the destination. External drives are not recommended.

  • When transferring huge data sets, we recommend using a local drive where the Staging Explorer is installed as the transfer source and destination to avoid additional transfer steps. Transferring to and from a mapped network drive is not recommended as it introduces an extra connection between it, Staging Explorer, and RelativityOne, which may cause slowness and connection issues.

  • Relativity does not store any information about file paths due to privacy concerns.


The following are some limitations to consider when using Staging Explorer:

  • Only one Windows user can run an instance of Staging Explorer on a machine at a time.
  • The Client Domain Admin group does not have Staging Explorer access by default. A System Admin needs to add the correct permissions.
  • Only the same type of user can see mapped disks which have mapped them. For example, if a regular user mapped a disk a regular user needs to be logged into Staging Explorer to view them. And if an admin user mapped a disk an admin user needs to be logged into Staging Explorer to view them.
  • Both the Local and Staging panes display only 1000 items. When a directory consists of more than 1000 items, the Top 1000 items displayed message appears in the bottom right corner of the Local or Staging panes. To select all the items within the folder, select the main folder instead of sub-folders or using CTRL+A for files within the main folder. Using CTRL+A will only select the first 1000 items displayed instead of all items available.
  • The maximum number of active transfers for one instance of the Staging Explorer is 3.
  • Enforced FIPS Policy may block some encryption algorithms which may cause errors in applications. We recommend using validated cryptographic algorithms approved by Windows Platform FIPS.
  • Transfers from mounted disk images are not supported.