Instance Details tab

In the Instance Details tab you can monitor some of the most basic information about your instance of Relativity.

You can also monitor users within Relativity, check your license expiration date, view alerts and queue statuses, and view or edit group admin security settings.

Note: RelativityOne support controls what appears for the Message of the Day (MotD), so if you have any requirements for that message, contact Relativity Support.

This page contains the following sections:

Monitoring Relativity environments from the Instance Details tab

The following sections on the Instance Details tab display important information about your instance of Relativity.

License information

The first section displays your Relativity license's Version, Expiration Date, and Type. Click View Details to navigate to the License tab.

Instance details license information


The Alerts section displays information about anything that might require attention or reduce performance for your instance of Relativity. If an agent is disabled, the agents link in the Alerts section directs you to the Agents tab. You can also click on the server name or the servers link to navigate to the Servers tab if you have one or more unresponsive servers in your environment.

Instance details alerts

If you're a RelativityOne customer and you need to troubleshoot an issue displayed in the Alerts section, contact Support for assistance.


The Security section is where you can manage admin group permission settings and generate a Group Permissions Report.

Instance details security

Manage Permissions

Click Manage Permissions to edit admin permission settings. See Instance security for more information about managing admin permission settings.

Group Permissions Report

Click the Group Permissions Report button to open the Script: Admin Group Permissions console. See Instance security for more information on Group Permissions Reports.

User Information

The User Information section displays the total number of Logged In Users, Total Users, and Enabled Users. Enabled users are users whose Relativity Access setting is set to Enabled. You can enable or disable users from the Users admin tab. See Users for more information about managing users.

Instance details user information


The Queues section displays the current status of your Production Queue, Branding Queue, OCR Queue, and Imaging Queue so that you can easily determine the status of your environment's current behavior.

Instance details queue