Using Find and Redact

You can apply markups to a spreadsheet file in the Native Viewer while using the search capabilities of the Contextual Search card. This feature finds terms in a spreadsheet file and applies markup to the desired terms without having to run a Redact project or manually apply markups.

Note: The contextual search returns hits on comments and chart labels content. These content types cannot receive markups using Find and Redact. To apply a markup to a comment or chart label, see Manual markups with spreadsheet files.

A search for energy has three Find and Redact results which are selected to receive markups.

To search for terms and apply markups:

  1. Click the Contextual Search card icon.

  2. Enter the desired search terms.

  3. Click the Find and Redact section to view the markup options.
    The Find and Redact section is expanded and displays the markup options.

  4. Edit the markup options to determine the type and appearance of the applied markups.
    A message displays at the bottom of the Contextual Search card to help you track the Markup Scope option that is selected.

  5. Either select each search term result that you would like to apply a markup to or click on the Checked (X) button and select All to apply a markup to all search term results.

  6. Click the Redact/Highlight button.

The markup is applied to the selected search term results.

Note: A message displays when markup could not be applied to any results because it is either a comment or chart label. Locate results that did not receive a markup by refreshing the document and then searching for the same term again. Any terms that were previously selected and did not receive a markup are returned in the results.