With Relativity's mobile app experience being unified with Relativity, instance permissions, and workspace permissions will be set up in Relativity.

This page contains the following information:

Security information

Relativity's mobile app incorporates the following additional security measures to protect your information from theft:

  • Encrypts application data as it is sent over an SSL connection to and from Relativity.
  • Encrypts all documents and document field information using data protection when the device is in a passcode locked state.
  • Encrypts Relativity's mobile app 6-digit passcode and Relativity login credentials in the iOS keychain.

iOS data protection

The following are stored and encrypted using the Apple iOS keychain when you lock your iPad or iPhone:

  • Relativity's mobile passcode
  • Relativity authentication token settings

When you lock your device, the keychain is locked. Unlocking the device unlocks the keychain.

Note: To enable iOS data protection, you must set a passcode on your iPad.

Improving security

To enable iOS data protection on your iPad and further secure Relativity's mobile app, you must set a passcode and Touch ID on your device. We recommend following the passcode tips provided by Apple to maximize passcode security. See iOS: Understanding data protection published by Apple for recommended passcode tips.

Restoring from iCloud and iTunes

When removing the application from your device, you will erase all application data along with it. Then, when opening Relativity's mobile app the first time after restoring your iPad or iPhone from iCloud or iTunes, the application behaves similarly to the first time you opened the application following a new installation. The primary difference is you are required to enter your mobile passcode after a restore.