General recommendations for structured data import and export jobs

Load file import recommendations

  • When using Import/Export in web only mode, ensure that the full path listed in the load file is captured in the ZIP file.
  • Try to limit the number of fields in a single import job to 100 to minimize risk of job failure due to SQL exception related issues.
  • When importing new choice fields, you may experience the unexpected behaviors, such as errors occurring when importing choice fields or slow import jobs for choice fields. To help prevent these issues, try to limit the number of choice values in a single import job to 100. This number indicates the maximum of new values in all choice type fields across the entire set of records.
  • Extracted Text import:
    • There is no limitation or performance impact related to size of extracted text when the import is performed to Data Grid.
    • Performance and stability will be affected for extracted texts import to SQL. If there is no other option and you must use SQL, please import extracted text separately from other data fields.
    • Depending on the job configuration, the extracted text import to Data Grid is 60-80% faster than similar import to SQL.
    • Performance is improved when extracted text files use UTF-16 encoding.

Load file export recommendations

  • Depending on the exported data structure, a Workspace folder structure can degrade performance significantly, up to 30 times slower in edge cases, so we recommend using the File Type folder structure.
  • Setting too high value of the volume and sub-directory size can also cause significant performance degradation. We recommend using default settings. Default Volume Max size (MB)=650. Sub-directory Max files=500.
  • Exporting images as PDFs or multi-page TIFFs is slower than exporting them as single page images.
  • Exporting to a ZIP archive using Import/Export in web only mode is significantly slower than exporting data with Express Transfer or exporting data to the Staging only.
  • Exporting text files in Unicode (UTF-16) encoding is faster than in other encodings.