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Discover new features in RelativityOne that will help you tackle every phase of your e-discovery projects.

Note: The date shown represents the first availability of the feature. Due to differences in deployment and update schedules, the features listed may not yet be available in all environments on the date indicated.
To see a full list of enhancements for each release, refer to the RelativityOne release notes.

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Automated Workflows: AM/PM Time Input Support for Scheduled Run
Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows now leverages your local time preference to display time inputs and other associated time metadata in Scheduled Run.
Automated Workflows Documentation

Data Transfer: Remove Orphaned Event Handlers After Restore

The Restore step of ARM will now automatically uninstall all non-required applications that were not set up to install, and deprecated applications. This includes event handlers. All data connected to applications will remain untouched.

Branding Agents migration to new compute platform
Document Transformation

Branding Agents now run on RelativityOne's new compute platform, which enables seamless dynamic scaling and improved resiliency. Users will no longer need or be able to add or modify Branding Agents within their RelativityOne environment.

Support for Drawn Text in PowerPoint

Ink drawings, as well as any other alternate content in PowerPoint, will now show up in the native and image viewers. Any drawn words, however, will not be searchable.
Viewer Documentation

Replace Native/Image in the Viewer

Relativity Review now supports the ability to replace natives and images directly in the document actions dropdown menu, thus saving time and clicks whenever a document needs to be replaced. This is a great solution to quickly replace a document that may have an error in the native document
Viewer Documentation

Deprecation of Sample-Based Learning projects
Sample-Based Learning

Sample-Based Learning usage has steadily declined over the past few years. Additionally, the flexibility and real-time intelligence of Active Learning ensure you can find what’s most important in your case faster. As of August 19, 2021, you will no longer be able to create new rounds of Sample-based Learning projects. Sample-Based Learning will be fully deprecated on September 16, 2021.

Introducing Archive Quality Check

Archive now has additional file and database validations that double check your files are copied correctly and that your database is not corrupted. This increases accuracy with archiving, but may impact performance.
ARM Documentation

Automated Workflows: Run Imaging in Production
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Automated Workflows

You can now automate running an imaging set or multiple imaging sets in an automated workflow with desired triggers.
Automated Workflows Documentation

RSAPI Removal Update
RelativityOne Prairie Smoke

As part of the RSAPI removal project, low-use RSAPI endpoints are shut down as of July 31, 2021. For more information on the RSAPI removal, please visit the developer help site.
RSAPI Deprecation Documentation

Gmail Threading Improvements
RelativityOne Prairie Smoke

Google is an increasingly important data source in investigations and matters. We're improving our Gmail message threading accuracy by adding the option to map Message-ID, In Reply To, and Message Reference fields to the Analytics Profile. This will give you a better picture of where Gmail messages live within a thread, producing more inclusive, accurate results and a better user experience when reviewing.
Analytics Documentation

User Login Map
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To help you improve your ability to work with global teams while maintaining security, we’ve introduced a user login map in the RelativityOne Security Center that displays where your users are accessing RelativityOne, with indicators for less secure logins.
Security Center Documentation

Automated Workflows: Scheduled Run
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Automated Workflows

You can set up a workflow to run on a reoccurring schedule. They can be applied hourly, daily, or weekly and, once applied, will run based on settings users have already set up.
Automated Workflows Documentation

Collect from archived O365 Outlook mailboxes

We've added a new data source type which allows you to easily collect from archived O365 Outlook mailboxes.
Collect Documentation

Improvements to display of RSMF files

To improve your experience with RSMF in the viewer and with mobile data, we’ve updated how we display RSMF files in the viewer and in production, as well as added new supported fields such as read receipts. New fields are supported by the latest version of our RSMF data specification. Now, you’ll see increased parity between the way the viewer displays RSMF data and how imaging displays RSMF data. Additionally, we have updated the look and feel of how we display RSMF in general.
Short Message Viewer Documentation

Additional metrics for Active Learning projects
Active Learning

We’ve added the option to include richness, recall, and precision metrics when validating an Active Learning project. Enjoy consistency and easy compliance with technology-assisted review protocols.
Active Learning Documentation

Transfer your data from Relativity Server to RelativityOne in just six clicks

With Migrate, you can now set up a default migration configuration, choose and assign workspaces for migration, preview the migration before executing the data transfer, and if needed, retry failed workspace migrations easily from the same user interface. Migrations are easy to track, and you can configure email notifications to alert the proper resources in your organization of migration status. Process multiple terabytes of data per day (depending on the data set).
Migrate Documentation

Streamlined processing with consolidated errors, file insights and actions

To streamline your processing experience, we’ve consolidated the functionality on the Document Errors Tab into the Files Tab so that you can take advantage of all file insights and actions in a single location. This includes details on files that have been discovered, metadata, as well as errors.
Processing Documentation