RelativityOne Review Workspace template

Note: The most recent versions of our templates are automatically made available to you in your environment, but Relativity does not continuously update templates within your already-deployed environment. To download a copy of the template, visit the Community site.

Review template dashboard The RelativityOne Review Template simplifies the end-to-end document review and production workflow by making visible only the tabs, views, layouts, and fields recommended by Relativity for typical document review. All workspace functionality is available, but less-common tabs are nested in hidden parent tabs which can be unhidden if needed.

The following sections correspond to sidebar tabs in the template.

Review Queues


All security groups have access to the Documents Tab. Through a combination of Views, Dashboards, and Saved Searches, users are able to find and interact with documents related to their task.

Review Center


Search Setup

Imaging and Production

Review Management

Workspace Setup


Change Log