RelativityOne Investigations Workspace template

Investigations in RelativityOne involve targeted discovery into a set of documents to identify whether or not a specific behavior occurred. Built for RelativityOne, the RelativityOne Investigations Workspace Template simplifies the process of investigations by streamlining both the setup and the investigation workflows.

This template structures the process into several phases: (1) Import, (2) Indexing & Analytics, (3) Investigate, (4) Case Dynamics, (5) Produce, and (6) Configure. Collected documents are uploaded to the RelativityOne Staging area using the RelativityOne Staging Explorer. From there, documents are processed into the Investigations Workspace Template using Quick Create Processing Sets. Post-import, documents with processing errors are addressed and search indexes are built. Using pre-built searches and dashboards, investigators can then search and view documents, taking notes on their findings using Case Dynamics. If required, documents can be quickly imaged and produced.

Note: The Investigations Workspace template is meant to facilitate the searching and review of documents for an investigation, all in one workspace. For an Early Case Assessment workflow (culling documents prior to review in a separate case), use the separate RelativityOne Early Case Assessment Workspace template.

The links below will get you started using the Investigations template: