Set Up the Template Workspace Narrow the Scope of Documents Identify Key People and Information Promote Documents to the New Workspace Record and Track Promoted Documents

Early Case Assessment Workspace Template

Early Case Assessment (ECA) involves identifying key facts to drive case strategy and cull documents for review in a separate workspace. The ECA workspace template simplifies and streamlines the process of early case assessment by putting the process on rails and removing unneeded content and capabilities. Additionally, the ECA workspace template already has the Repository Workspace application pre-installed, providing cost savings while limiting functionality to only what is required for early case assessment.

An ECA workspace (click the image to view full size)
ECA Dashboard in RelativityOne

Global overview of early case assessment

From a global perspective, ECA begins with understanding the case and issues, identifying and interviewing key people involved, preserving collected documents and files, eliminating irrelevant documents, performing a cost and risk assessment, and finally, making recommendations for further steps. Further steps may include creating new policies or procedures to prevent behaviors identified in an investigation, settling with key parties in an employee dispute, or deciding whether to pursue litigation. In the image below, the colored blocks represent the steps performed using Relativity tools, while the white blocks represent steps and decisions outside of Relativity.

Flowchart showing a typical early case assessment workflow

Early case assessment template

The ECA workspace template provides the tools necessary to review and analyze documents, reduce the overall document volume by eliminating irrelevant content, capture details for key people involved, and then promote the remaining documents to a new workspace for further review. Begin by setting up the workspace template.

Flowchart showing an early case assessment worklfow using RelativityOne

Note: To receive the latest copy of the ECA workspace template, contact Relativity Support, your Customer Success Manager, or find it on the Community site.

Set up the template workspace

When you log into your ECA workspace for the first time, there are a few things you need to set up to make the most of your template. Begin by processing collected documents.

Narrow the scope of documents for further review

The (2) Cull Documents folder provides multiple saved searches to walk you through the culling of unwanted documents. The dashboards for each saved search displays widgets of various data points to help you easily identify documents that are not relevant to your case. The data points displayed include: File Type, Date Range, Key Terms, Sender Domain, Duplicate Documents, and Language. Once identified, you can code these documents to indicate whether they should be promoted to a new workspace for further review. (See below for instructions on coding documents.)

Identify key people and information

The (3) Explore Documents folder includes saved searches that help you identify key information and mark documents for further review (by coding the To Promote option.) You can also use the communication analysis widget to understand conversations and identify new individuals and information relevant to your case. Once you have identified and coded documents for promotion, use the (6) Promote Documents to Workspace folder to review those documents.

Promote documents to a new workspace for review

Once you are satisfied that you have identified all documents you want to promote for further review, you can use Integration Points to push them to a new workspace. In this way, you are working only with relevant documents, thus maximizing the review time and process.

Record and track promoted documents

Once complete, you can create a saved search to record the date and documents you promoted. You can also use the (6) 'Promoted' Documents searches to track all documents that have been promoted on an ongoing basis. These searches are especially useful when you are promoting different sets of documents to multiple new workspaces. You can track the number of documents promoted, the dates of promotion, and the destination workspaces on an ongoing basis.

Workspace permissions

The ECA Template includes two groups for different user levels. Each group is described below and you can click on the desired group(s) to see the assigned permissions.

ECA Users

This group is for users who will review and analyze documents.


This group is for users who need access to all workspace functionality (assigned to Workspace Administrator).

Change log

The following table lists each ECA template version, the published date, and a brief overview of additions or changes.

Note: This document is designed to act as an aid to complete Early Case Assessment, however it is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal advice. Relativity does not make any representations or warranties regarding the results of using this document, including as to sufficiency, accuracy, reliability or legal compliance. You are solely responsible for your use of the software, including deciding whether, to what extent, and how to use documentation and particular features of the software for any given use case.