Install Purview Sync

You, the technical or legal hold admin, will learn to install the Purview Sync application into a workspace. Then you will learn to configure the application using data from Microsoft.

To install the Purview Sync application to a workspace:

  1. Navigate to the workspace where you want to install the application.

  2. Navigate to the Relativity Applications tab.

  3. Click New Relativity Application to display an application form.

  4. Click the Select from Application Library radio button in the Application Type section.

  5. Click in the Choose from Application Library field.

  6. Select AeD Integration on the Select Library Application dialog.
    This dialog only displays applications added to the Application Library. If AeD Integration is not included in the list, see Installing applications.

  7. Click Ok to display the application in the Choose from Application Library field. The application form also displays the following fields:

    • Version—displays the version of the application that you are installing.

    • User-friendly URL—displays a user-friendly version of the application's URL. This field may be blank.

    • Application Artifacts—displays object types and other application components.

    • Map Fields—there are no fields available in Relativity Legal Hold for mapping.

  8. Click Import to install Purview Sync into the workspace.

  9. Review the import status of the application. Verify that the install was successful or resolve errors. See Viewing import status and Troubleshooting application installation errors.