Importing a workspace template

This topic describes how to install a downloaded workspace template into your Relativity environment.

Note: Your RelativityOne instance may contain workspaces that are labeled "[DO NOT ACCESS]." You are not billed for these workspaces; however, do not access or delete them. In addition, we recommend updating any Views to exclude them.

Before you import a workspace template:

  • Relativity provides pre-installed templates with RelativityOne instances to support specific customer workflows. Check your RelativityOne instance to check whether the template you need is already installed. For details, see RelativityOne workspace templates.
  • If you have a custom template from a previous Relativity instance, Relativity recommends using Migrate to move the template from a Relativity Server instance to RelativityOne. For details, see Migrate.

To download and install a workspace template from Relativity Community:

  1. Log in to the Relativity Community.
  2. Navigate to the Files section.
  3. Select the Templates folder.
  4. Select the desired template.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Once the download is complete, unzip the downloaded by selecting Extract All.
  7. Save it to a folder on your local machine or your company’s file share. This creates the ARM archive that you will upload in the next step.
  1. Launch the RelativityOne Staging Explorer.
  2. Upload the ARM archive to the ARM folder. For details, see Uploading files.
    • The ARM application will not be able to locate the downloaded template if it is in an unknown subfolder.
    • The ARM archive package must be uploaded using RelativityOne Staging Explorer to the ARM folder.
  1. Create an ARM Restore job that points to the downloaded template. For detailed steps on how to do this, see Create and run an ARM restore job.
    • Ensure that you map one group you are a member, aside from the System Administrator group, so that you are able to access the template.
    • Relativity recommends mapping the [Customer Name] Admin Group to any group that is visible during that step in the ARM restore process.

After the restore is complete, enter the workspace and ensure that all corresponding Relativity permissions are configured properly so that users can use the workspace template.