Collect Store

Large volumes of raw collected evidence can be stored in the RelativityOne Store instead of being processed right away. Migrating collected data to storage before processing or review reduces consumption of physical space and reduces RelativityOne resources during an upgrade. From RelativityOne Store, you can process or start reviewing the data at a more suitable time. For more information, see RelativityOne Store.

When wanting to store collected data, select the Store option as the processing source location as the collection output in the Collect Details step of the Collect wizard. For more information, see Using the Collect wizard .

Moving collected data into storage

When creating a collection job, you have to select a Processing Source Location. The Store option is available in the Processing Source Location drop-down menu within the first step of the Collect Wizard. For more information on the Processing Source Location, see Using the Collect wizard .

Exporting collected data

When it is necessary to export the data, the user needs to use the RelativityOne Staging Explorer to export the collected data located in Store. For more information, see Staging Explorer.

Before using the RelativityOne Staging Explorer, the data can be containerized in a compressed folder if option is selected so the metadata of the collection does not change when it is exported.