What's New in RelativityOne

Discover new features in RelativityOne that will help you tackle every phase of your e-discovery projects.

Note: The date shown represents when the feature or change is available in most Relativity environments. Due to differences in deployment and update schedules between regions or environments, the features listed may be available before the date shown, or may not yet be available in all Relativity environments.

To see a full list of enhancements for each release, refer to the RelativityOne release notes.

Copy Document Links for Non-Admin Users
Relativity Integration Points

Relativity Integration Points (RIP) will now allow non-admin users to perform a document link copy to another workspace by running it as a system job instead of a user job. This provides non-admin users more autonomy over the copies they make without posing a security risk.
Integration Points Sync documentation

Unlock powerful usage and billing data insights with the Management Console
Management Console

The Management Console is your one-stop-shop for up-to-date insights into your usage and billing data for key RelativityOne workflows. Insights easily convert into exportable data that you can leverage for your cost predictability and recovery models. See Management Console Security Permissions to learn how to configure access to the Management Console.
Management Console documentation

Faster Next Navigations

The wait time for next navigations in the viewer has decreased by 35%, thanks to our improved method for converting documents.

Search Term Reports Parallelization

You can now run up to six search term reports within a workspace simultaneously, removing the need to wait for one to finish to run another. Note that each instance is limited to six concurrent Search Term Reports, but we do not expect this to be a bottleneck for most users.
Search Terms Reports documentation

Freezing Columns on Static Object List Pages
List Pages

You can now lock and freeze any column on the item list on our fields, choices, and search index list pages to increase readability and help you easily access key data. (The remaining static objects will follow in the coming weeks.)

Transform Sets Deprecation

Due to limited usage in RelativityOne, we have deprecated transform sets. Now, you can leverage Automated Workflows for Name Normalization which delivers a more streamlined experience for parsing domains.

Choice Mapping
Active Learning

You can now code on any single-choice fields in Active Learning, even when they have more than two choices. This will make Active Learning easier to implement and train reviewers on, providing a more seamless user experience.
Active Learning documentation

Schedule and Manage Priority

You can now prioritize some projects over others in the Redact project queues, allowing for greater control over your redaction projects based on your individual matters’ needs.
Redact documentation

Run Full Index Builds each time Build dtSearch Index action Runs
Automated Workflows

We’ve added the option to always run a full index build on the Build dtSearch Index action in your Automated Workflow.
Automated Workflows documentation

Search Term Report Performance Improvements

Thanks to our modernized RelativityOne Compute Platform, Search Term Reports now run faster than ever. You can generally expect Search Term Reports to run 5 times faster than they did before on standard jobs, resulting in less waiting time and more productivity for your teams.

New Collect Data Source: Refinitiv Eikon Chats

Our newest Collect data source enables you to collect chat data from Refinitiv Eikon using a designated SFTP location. All chat data is automatically converted to RSMF.
Collect documentation

Non-Document Object Transfers
Relativity Integration Points

Relativity Integration Points (RIP) Sync now allows transfers of non-document object data to other workspaces using the same workflow as with document objects. This allows you to easily transfer document and non-document object metadata without manual intervention.
Integration Points Sync documentation

Name Normalization Enhancements on Domains Identification for Better Filtering
Structured Analytics

You can now copy the domains that Name Normalization has identified into new fields that support better filtering capabilities using the setting Enable Additional Domain Filtering under the advanced settings section of the structured analytics set.
Structured Analytics documentation

Auto-Retrain Behavior Updates
Active Learning

Outside document coding will no longer automatically cause your Active Learning models to retrain. To give you more control over retraining, we've added an inactive queue retraining timer that allows you to set a time interval for triggering the model to rebuild. Review in Active Learning queues is unaffected by this change.
Active Learning documentation

Transparency Reports
Security Center

You now have real-time insight into all Relativity Support activity in your instance. This will help you work more confidently and securely with our teams.
Security Center documentation

Auto-Placeholder for Large Extracted Text Files

We will automatically add a placeholder for extracted text for discovered files that are larger than 2GB. The placeholder text will call out when and why the error happened. A new field called ExtractedTextWasReplaced can be mapped on Publish to easily see which files had an error and resolve them without needing additional support from Relativity.
Processing documentation

Copy Selected Keywords to Create Search Term Reports

You are now able to copy selected keywords from keyword expansion results and then easily create a search term report from those keywords.
Keyword Expansion documentation

New Mass Operations

We've added the ability to modify columns and mass edit coding decisions in the view similar documents pane and concept search in the Viewer.
Mass Operations documentation

New Cleanup Application for Increased Efficiency
Batch Sets

The Remove Documents from Batch Sets application has been replaced with our new Batch Sets Cleanup capability which is included in the Review application. Batch Sets Cleanup has the same functionality as Remove Documents with increased efficiency thanks to our new RelativityOne compute platform. After you install the Review application into your workspaces, go to the new Batch Sets Cleanup tab to begin using the feature.
Batch Set Cleanup documentation

Security Alerts
Security Center

You now have visibility into security alerts that help you identify and resolve threats quickly. You can evaluate your security posture and act on threats in one place with a unified view of real-time indicators, alerts, and resolution paths for threats to help keep you secure.
Security Center documentation