Redact documents

PI Detect uses a combination of rules and machine learning models to identify the context surrounding personal information. It understands the structure of the document to more accurately identify personal information and reduce false positives. Once the personal information is identified, it leverages Redact to redact identified personal information, eliminating the need to draw redactions one-by-one.

Note: PI Detect uses facade redactions to mark redactions on documents. The customer instance must have Facade Redactions turned on to leverage the redact capabilities offered with this product.

To redact documents:

  1. Make sure that a Document Report was pulled.
  2. Navigate to the Document Report tab.
  3. Filter for the report with documents to redact from the Document Reports list.
  4. Select documents to redact and click the Redact mass action.
  5. In the Prepare to Redact pop-up modal, click OK.
  6. Choose a Markup Set and Markup Type.
    If you select Text as the Markup type, enter Markup text.
  7. Note: To adjust redaction settings for your markup set, see Markup sets.

  8. Select Redact Selected Documents.
  9. Review Redaction Settings and documents to redact.
  10. Select Redact Documents.
  11. When redaction is complete, select a document to review redactions.