Installing & Upgrading

With the robust nature of Relativity's feature set, installing a Relativity environment can often involve a number of complex procedures. In addition to Relativity's support staff being available to assist you, you can also refer to the following comprehensive documentation topics to help you prepare your environment and perform an install or upgrade of Relativity.

Installing Relativity

Compatibility matrix



Relativity installation

Relativity licensing

System requirements

View and recurring saved search complexity analysis tool (VARSCAT)

Post-installation verification test

Upgrading Relativity

Relativity Server release / patch cadence

Relativity upgrade

Upgrade considerations

Upgrading or installing Analytics

Upgrading workspaces

Upgrading your agent server

Upgrading your primary SQL Server

Upgrading your web server

Post-installation verification test


Installing Analytics

Assisted Review environment and workspace setup

Adding the Assisted Review application


Processing system requirements

Worker manager server installation

Worker manager server pre-installation steps

Legal Hold

Installing Legal Hold

Migrating legacy hold information

System requirements