Relativity Server release cadence and patches

We release our Relativity Server product annually. We deploy release patches to the current Server version regularly.

To learn more about how to apply a patch to your environment, see Applying a Server hotfix or patch.

Server patch overview

A server patch includes all current hotfixes and some additional defect fixes deemed necessary to address in the current Relativity Server release. Server patches are cumulative, meaning content released in the first patch will be included in subsequent patches. Server patches are delivered using DropIt.

For more information on DropIt, see Standalone DropIt deployment instructions (legacy workflow).

Note: You can download patches from the appropriate file library on the Relativity Community. You need valid Community credentials to sign in.

Release cadence for Server patches

The following table describes the planned Relativity Server Patch release schedule.

Month Server 2022 (12.1) Patches Server 2023 (12.3) Patches
Apr 2023 Server 2022 Patch 3  
Aug 2023 Server 2022 Patch 4  
Jan 2024 Server 2022 Patch 5 Server 2023 Patch 1
June 2024 Server 2022 Patch 6  
Jun 2024   Server 2023 Patch 2