RPC known issues

The following columns are included in the table:

  • Item ID - the identifying number applied to an issue when it's reported.
  • Affected feature - the RPC feature to which the defect applies.
  • Description - a description of the issue.
    • Resolution - a resolution for the defect, if known.

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Item ID Affected feature Description
REL-17034 Data Stores

The Data Stores tree doesn't automatically update after you run an import job.

REL-17036 Configuration

The RPC doesn't display workstation information (such as the Data Store tree or jobs) when the AppSettings table isn't populated.

REL-17037 Exporting

The Job Settings options accepts bogus data. For example, Advanced tab.DestinationPath.

REL-17039 Importing

The Additional Settings job dialog appears first time with "null _applyTo" object and displays a System Exception for NULL object reference.

REL-17049 UI behavior

The comment box clears out when you paste in long text paragraphs exceeding the maximum character limit. This occurs in the Export Wizard, Import Job Project, and Custodian dialog comment boxes.

REL-17054 Exporting

The Task metadata in the Task window clears out when you click Show All Metrics. If you click Show All Metrics again, the metadata remains cleared out.

REL-17082 Importing

When creating a new Data Store, the Additional Settings button on the Import dialog window is disabled.

REL-17161 UI behavior

The Next button on the Task window is enabled without any task selected.

REL-17201 UI behavior

The Context menu choice View Tracking Log is disabled.

REL-17266 Exporting

The Want Containers check box option has no effect when selected in Export options wizard.

REL-17322 Exporting

The ZIP file isn't included in .LFP output file when selected in the Export options wizard.

REL-17346 Exporting

In the Export Wizard, the dialog boxes allow invalid inputs such as negative numbers, decimals, and letters.

REL-17577 Exporting

In the Export Field Editor, the Array Merge functionality Write Metatdata and Copy PDF tasks export results are unexpected.

REL-17633 Exporting

The Descending setting has no effect when selected in the Export options wizard.

REL-17762 UI behavior

The Field and Text delimiters don't auto-fill in the Field Editor.

REL-17820 UI behavior

The Any Flag button doesn't display items with a flag, even when items are flagged.

REL-17821 UI behavior

The QC Finalize button doesn't display items that have been QC'd.

REL-17822 UI behavior

The Promote Delete Candidates button doesn't promote items to be deleted.

REL-17853 UI behavior

The Delete button isn't enabled for jobs with a status of Waiting.

REL-17942 Filtering

The Remove Filter button doesn't always work. This usually occurs when you create two identical filters and then select the "wrong one" to delete.

REL-18199 UI behavior

The RPC crashes when you attempt to rediscover an invalid item.

REL-18200 UI behavior

The RPC crashes when you attempt to rediscover an invalid item with an input string.

REL-18210 UI behavior

The Rediscover matter doesn't update file document messages with errors.

REL-18416 Filtering

Extra fields aren't populated with input values when you create a method in the Expression filter.

REL-18596 UI behavior

The RPC crashes when you cancel an Extract text job on an import job that already has text extraction job.

REL-18625 UI behavior

The ActivityTimer window sorts numbers in the Average and Max columns as if they were strings instead of numbers.

REL-18666 UI behavior The RPC crashes when you submit a job without an ActivationKey.
REL-19049 Filtering

An error occurs when you enter a file location in the Cross reference file window.

REL-19052 Filtering

An error doesn't occur when you enter an invalid file location in the Cross reference file window.

REL-19194 Reporting

The Job Error Report incorrectly states that no errors are found, even when errors exist.

REL-19216 Importing

When you create an import job with the Extract Text option set to true, The export job doesn't create.

REL-19221 UI behavior

The Matter Browser opens incorrect or unexpected selected files. For example, the Matter Browser opens native files when you select intermediate files and vice versa.

REL-19222 Filtering

Enter the exact Filter name doesn't submit the Update Index job.

REL-19255 Filtering

When using the Cross Reference Import filter, the importer will ignore the 1st line (Header row) and import the rest of the content.

REL-19257 Filtering

The Cross References Import filter isn't able to parse filter results properly, when there are spaces in front of "".

REL-19261 Filtering

Unicode characters display as number or letters (incorrectly) in the Filter Results table when you run a Full Text search on the characters .

REL-19403 Filtering

The Regular Expression option in the Full Text filter doesn't display accurate results in the Filter Results table.

REL-19404 Filtering

The Phonic option in Full Text filter doesn't display correct results for similar sounds words.

REL-19609 Data Stores

An Invalid path in the Import Data Source displays files from an unknown location.