Upgrading your Relativity service bus

To upgrade the Relativity service bus, you run the installer on a machine where it is already installed, or where the Service Bus for Windows Server or RabbitMQ is installed. You must include the Relativity service bus server as a node in the Service Bus for Windows Server farm or as a server in RabbitMQ cluster. For more information, see Pre-installation.

When you perform an upgrade, the Relativity installer saves information about the about the farm/cluster to the primary SQL Server database. It also performs setup tasks on farm/cluster, so that Relativity can connect to the service bus.

Relativity service bus upgrade

The Relativity service bus supports messaging between application components. Before installing or upgrading the Relativity service bus, upgrade the primary SQL Server. For more information, see Relativity service bus.

Contact Customer Support to get a copy of the Relativity installer.

Save the following files to the root directory of any server contributing to the Relativity environment:

  • Relativity.exe—the executable file that installs Relativity components determined by the values entered in the RelativityResponse.txt file.
    • You must save Relativity.exe on a drive local to the server. Running Relativity.exe from a shared location results in upgrade or installation failure.
    • The Relativity.exe file does not open a user interface. Use Install.bat to proceed with installation.
  • Install.bat—the code that prompts Relativity.exe to proceed with the installation process. You must edit line 11 of the Install.bat file with the exact name of the Relativity installation file.
     start /wait "" "INSERT EXACT NAME OF RELATIVITY INSTALLATION FILE" /log InstallLog.txt /responsefilepath=RelativityResponse.txt
    • You may need to run this file from an elevated command line prompt to avoid permission issues.
    • You must surround the name of the Relativity installation file with quotation marks.
  • RelativityResponse.txt—the text file that determines which components Relativity.exe installs, uninstalls, or upgrades on the server.
  • Note: Every line in the RelativityResponse.txt file that starts with ### is a comment and meant to provide instruction.

Setting properties in the RelativityResponse.txt file

Relativity requires RabbitMQ or Service Bus for Windows Server. Depending on the message broker you have installed, complete the following steps:

ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName instance setting

The Relativity installer populates the ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName instance setting according to the following rules during a new installation:

  • When using Service Bus for Windows Server, if the FarmDNS property for the service bus farm has a value, then the installer sets the ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName instance setting to this value.
  • When using Service Bus for Windows Server, if the FarmDNS property does not have a value, then the installer sets the ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName instance setting to a semi-colon delimited list of all hosts in the farm.
  • When using RabbitMQ, ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName specifies the fully-qualified domain name for the machine or load balancer where Relativity can reach the environment’s cluster. The Relativity installer automatically sets this value during an installation or upgrade based on the inputs in the RelativityResponse.txt file.

Note: The semi-colon delimited list is not supported for RabbitMQ.

For more information, see ServiceBusFullyQualifiedDomainName instance setting.