Relativity White Papers

These white papers explain various topics related to Relativity.

Understanding the Components of Computer-Assisted Review and the Workflow that Ties Them Together

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This paper defines each step in the computer-assisted review process—highlighting key elements and their importance—and provides an example of an effective workflow.

Active Learning in Technology-Assisted Review

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This paper explores the technology behind the active learning workflow as well as how it works from beginning to end.

Document Categorization Using Latent Semantic Indexing

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A joint effort of Content Analyst and Relativity, this white paper focuses on latent semantic indexing (LSI) technology, the driving algorithm behind Assisted Review. The paper examines the efficacy of LSI technology and notable differentiators compared to other categorization engines.

Relativity Trust: Understanding Security in RelativityOne

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Security is integral to who we are at Relativity—from our people and operations, to how we design RelativityOne and the foundation we build on in Microsoft Azure. Our commitment to make RelativityOne the most trusted and reliable cloud solution extends beyond ISO 27001 compliance. Our information security practices and operations for RelativityOne include:

  • How we deliver—Relativity operations, including staff onboarding and administrative safeguards
  • How we engineer—the processes and technology that best protect your data
  • Security by design—how security is built into the development of RelativityOne
  • A proven platform—the security and privacy protection inherent to RelativityOne’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure

These are the tenets of Relativity Trust. Download this white paper for the details, from hiring practices to password policies to penetration tests.