Securing a legal hold project

To use Relativity Legal Hold, you need to configure the workspace security and secure a legal hold project for each user group.

Securing a project

The Legal Hold custom permissions are independent from the System Admin group and aren't automatically assigned to the group. For Relativity System Administrators or Workspace Admin Group members to have access to the functions controlled by the Legal Hold Application, you must add these users to another security group or add a new group with access to the Legal Hold Application. When Legal Hold is installed to a workspace Relativity creates a Legal Hold Security Admins group where you can add users.

To secure these custom permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace Details tab.
  2. From the Relativity Utilities console, click Manage Workspace Permissions.
  3. Determine the group you want to apply these custom permissions to, then click Edit Permissions on that group.
  4. Scroll down to the Legal Hold Application Permissions.
  5. From here, select the checkbox next to the permissions that you want to grant the users in the specified workspace group. You also need to ensure that a corresponding object level permission is also set to Add or Edit.
    If you leave a checkbox cleared, the users in that group won't be able to perform the permission, which corresponds to a button or link in Legal Hold or the Custodian portal.

  6. Click Save.

Note: The Legal Hold Application Permissions are only available when the Legal Hold application is installed.

.For more information, see Security and permissions.

Configuring Legal Hold

To configure Legal Hold, access the Settings tab. See Adding legal hold settings for more information.