Word Index

The Word Index lists out all the different terms that are found in the transcript.

Using the Word Index

To access the Word Index, click Word index icon, located along the bottom right corner of the Viewer.

You can search the Word Index for a phrase that has up to 5 words. For example, you can search for Exhibit 1.

When you hover over a location hyperlink, a pop-up appears that shows you the section of the transcript where the term appears. You can also filter by word or count.

Word index

You also have the ability to add up to three additional lines above and below the line where the term is located by using the tool tip. To access the tool tip, click Additional Lines Above and Below icon and enter the number of lines you would like to add above and below where the word is located. The default additional lines above and below is two.

Additional lines above and below

Word Index fields

The Word Index contains the following fields:

  • Word - contains the term.
  • Count - contains how many times the term appears in the transcript.
  • Locations - contains hyperlinks to all the places in the transcript where the term appears.