Printing transcripts

To print transcripts from the Viewer:

  1. Select the Print/Save As PDF to print icon along the top of the Transcripts Viewer.
    The Transcripts pop-up displays.
  2. Complete the following fields as desired:
    1. Pages per Sheet - Select to print transcript pages as one page per sheet or select condensed printing to print four pages to a sheet.
    2. Branding - Select to include branding as a Center Header, Center Footer, or select None for no branding.
    3. Include - Select to include the Workspace Name, Transcript Name, Deposition Date, Deponent Name, and/or Page Numbers.
    4. Print With - Select to include Notes and/or Designations in the print out. You can select this mode beginning in Relativity
      • Notes and/or Designations will only appear if you select to print transcripts as one page per sheet.
  3. Select Print Transcript.