Maintenance tasks

In the RPC, the Tools menu provides options for performing maintenance tasks such as updates to databases updates, and XML file definitions.

  1. Click the Tools menu to display a list of administrative options.

    List of admin options in Tools menu

  2. Select one of the following menu options:
    • Load NIST Database - download the NIST database. Clicking this takes you to a folder browser, from which you can select the folder where you've stored the NIST database. You can procure the most recent version of the NIST database by contacting Support.
    • Run Updates - updates the Invariant database schema to the most current version. This includes all stores. Running updates on these databases isn't necessary if you've already upgraded to the most recent version of Invariant. When you click this option, you bring up a window containing all databases available for upgrading.
      Run  updates in RPC