Set long text field size

You can use the set long text field size operation to calculate long text size and save the value in a decimal field for each selected document. The mass operation is available from the mass operations bar. You can use the mass operation with Data Grid-enabled or SQL extracted text fields. This feature is useful when creating views and saved searches of documents based on long text size. In Relativity, long text is declared as an uncompressed nvarchar(max). This means it will always hold each character as 2 bytes in terms of how this operation calculates the size of the long text field.

Before you begin

To enable the mass operation in your Relativity instance, you must import the Long Text Size application from the application library. To do this, you must have the appropriate admin rights.

To install the Set Long Text Field Size application in your workspace:

  1. Navigate to the Relativity Applications tab.
  2. Click New Relativity Application.
  3. Select Select from Application Library.
  4. Click ellipsis button on Choose from Application Library.
  5. Select Set LongText Field Size, and click OK.
  6. Click Import.

Note: After the application is installed, review the workspace permissions and remove the Set Long Text Field Size permission for the groups that should not have access to the mass operation.

Using the mass operation

To set long text size:

  1. Create a decimal field for saving the extracted text size. For more information, see Fields.
  2. From the mass operations bar on the document list, choose whether to select Checked items or All items in the current returned set.

    Note: The set long text size mass operation permits the user to edit documents even if they have read-only permissions.

  3. Select Set long text field size in the mass operations drop-down menu.
  4. The Set LongText Size form displays.
  1. Select a source field to calculate long text size. The drop-down menu includes all long text fields you have permissions to see.
  2. Select a decimal field to store the calculated long text size. The drop-down menu includes all decimal fields you have permissions to see.
  3. Click Run to apply your changes.

Note: The mass operation stores the size of the text, in kilobytes, in the decimal field.