Mass convert

Use Mass convert to pre-convert a large set of documents into HTML5 format before review. By using mass convert you can eliminate document load time in the viewer. This operation is only available on the Document object. Mass convert is available from the mass operations bar.

  • Mass convert is not available in repository workspaces.
  • You can't use mass operations on Data Grid-enabled fields.

To perform a mass convert:

  1. From the mass operations bar on the document list, choose whether to convert Checked items or All items in the current returned set.
  2. Select Convert in the drop-down menu.
  3. Complete the fields on the Convert Documents layout.
    • Natives
      • Yes - converts any natives
      • No - doesn't convert natives
    • Images
      • Yes - converts any images in the documents
      • No - doesn't convert images in the documents
    • Productions If the selected documents are contained in a production set, the production set(s) appears here.
      • None - this option appears if there are no production sets containing the selected documents.
    • Re-convert if previously converted - select this checkbox to convert selected documents, regardless if they've already been converted. The newly converted documents are stored in the cache.
  4. Click Run to convert the documents. Once you click Run, you are unable to cancel the convert job.

Note: Converting a large number of documents can deplete the available disk space on the file server.