Viewing destination workspaces

You can go to the Destination Workspace tab to view all of the workspaces that are designated as destinations for documents that you push through integration points.

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The default All Destination Workspaces view provides the following fields:

  • Name - the name given to the workspace, plus the artifact ID of the actual destination workspace.
  • Destination Workspace Name - the name given to the destination workspace.
  • Destination Workspace Artifact ID - the identifier of the destination workspace.
  • Job History - a list of all the Job History entries associated with the destination workspace.

An individual destination workspace layout provides the following information in the associated Document (Relativity Destination Case) view.

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  • ArtifactID - the identifier of the document.
  • Control Number - the control number of the document.
  • Relativity Destination Case - a list of all the destination workspaces in which the document can be found.
  • Job History - a list of audited actions associated with the document.